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Palimpsest Rules Letter dated 2023-08-31

The June 2023 LoAR noted:

We considered the question on what degree of difference should be given between a chevron and a chevron inverted from a few directions. First we considered how we treat changes in orientation between other ordinaries: pales, fesses, bends, and bends sinister are all effectively the same type of ordinary in different orientations, and all of them have an SC between them. Next we considered what degree of difference we grant between field divisions: SENA A5F1b explicitly grants an SC between per chevron and per chevron inverted field divisions. Finally, we considered whether the change from a chevron to a chevron inverted would have been considered a cadencing change in period: no examples could be found of inversion of a chevron being used to indicate cadenced arms. Based on this overwhelming evidence, we will grant an SC between chevrons and chevrons inverted... [Agostino Rosso, 06/2023, A-Gleann Abhann]

This Rules Letter proposes a modification to A5E5 to make these SCs explicit.

1: SENA A5E5 - New Rule Change

OSCAR is unable to find the name, either registered or submitted.

The proposal adds a new section to SENA A5E5, Change of Posture of the Primary Charge Group, to explicitly grant an SC for orientation (and type) between ordinaries. The proposed wording is:

c. Ordinaries. The following pairs of ordinaries are considered to have a substantial difference for orientation from each other. Each pair is substantially different in type and/or orientation from the other listed pairs.

  • bend and bend sinister
  • chevron and chevron inverted
  • cross and saltire
  • pale and fess
  • pall and pall inverted

Jeanne Marie


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