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East LoI dated 2010-04-30

Unto Olwyn Laurel, Istvan Wreath, Aryanhwy Pelican, the SCA College of Arms, and all others who do receive this letter, greetings from Kolosvari Arpadne Julia, Blue Tyger Herald.

It is the intent of Easterners to register the following items. Unless otherwise noted, the submitter has no desire for authenticity, allows any changes, and allows a holding name. I've used the "language" checkbox to correspond with the "language/culture" box on the name submission form, and the "culture" checkbox for "spelling".

This item was on the 07-2010 LoAR

1: Alys Mackyntoich - New Blanket Permission to Conflict

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in February of 2005, via the East

I, [legal name], known in the SCA as Alys Mackyntoich, waive the full protection of both my primary registered name Alys Mackyntoich and my alternate registered name, Alays de Brantome. I grant permission to any future submitter to register a name that is similar in sound and/or spelling but not identical to my registered names. I specifically grant permission to any future submitter to register a name that would otherwise conflict by virtue of the given name's being a diminutive or variant of Alys or Alays. I understand that this permission can be withdrawn by written notice to the Laurel Sovereign of Arms, but that conflicting items registered while it is in force will remain registered.

Date: January 17, 2010 [signed with legal name]

This item was on the 07-2010 LoAR

2: Asther de Perpinya - New Name

Submitter desires a feminine name.
No major changes.
Sound (Aster in some form) most important.
Language (14c Majorcan Jewish) most important.

Originally submitted as Asther de NaSimha, the byname was changed at kingdom, per the submitter's preference, in order to eliminate problems with documentation and use of a title.

Asther is found as a variant spelling of Ester dated between 1213 and 1327 (cited as evidence for lack of normalization in a source) in Julie Kahan's "Sources for the Study of Medieval Jewish Names: An Annotated Bibliography" ( It's in the section on Spanish sources, in the first entry under the series Hispania Judaica, Ed. Haim Beinart: Régné, Jean, and Yom Tov Assis, Ed. History of the Jews in Aragon: Regesta and Documents 1213-1327 (Hispania Judaica I). Jerusalem: The Magnes Press, Hebrew University, 1978.

de Perpinya is a locative byname based on a Catalan form of Perpignan, once capital of the Kingdom of Majorca. The submitted spelling appears in a 1558 Catalan edition of the 14th century Chronica of Ramon Muntaner (d. 1336) (, f. XVr, middle of second paragraph. The use of locative bynames with de in Jewish names from Spain is shown for example in Juliana de Luna's "Jews in Catalonia: 1250 to 1400" (, in the section on men's bynames.

This item was on the 07-2010 LoAR

3: Beyond the Mountain, Barony - New Badge

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in September of 1973,

Azure, an acorn bendwise within a mascle argent.

This submission is to be associated with White Oak, Order of the.

The group's name and/or device was registered in Sep. 1973; I have no idea why OSCAR isn't finding it. The order name was registered in April 1981.

This item was on the 07-2010 LoAR

4: John Marshall atte Forde and Elizabet Marshall - Resub Household Name

OSCAR finds the name (John Marshall atte Forde) registered exactly as it appears in September of 2007, via the East
OSCAR finds the name (Elizabet Marshall) registered exactly as it appears in August of 2002, via the East

Marshalls Ford Tavern

This submission is to be associated with (Fieldless) An acorn Or between and conjoined to two bars wavy couped azure.
Meaning (Marshall's ford) most important.

Their previous household name, Marshalls Ford, was returned on the Aug. 2009 LoAR (R-East) for either lack of a household name designator, or for conflict with the SCA's Office of the Marshall and with the Marshall Islands (if Ford was taken as the designator). This submission adds Tavern as the designator to fix this problem.

Marshalls Ford is intended here as a constructed placename, following the pattern of fords named after people, such as Ashford (possibly Eccel's ford), Alford (the one in Somerset is Ealdgyþ's ford), Aylesford (Ægel's ford), and Otford (Otta's ford), which are all headers in Ekwall.

The pattern <placename or locative surname> plus Tavern is based on the example Mitford taverne, dated 1489 in Mari ingen Briain meic Donnchada's "English Sign Names" (

This item was on the 07-2010 LoAR

5: Nevell Sudlow - New Name & New Device

Or, in bend three magpies proper.

Submitter desires a masculine name.
No holding name.
Sound most important.

Nevell is found once as a masculine name in Aryanhwy merch Catmael: "Index of Names in the 1582 Subsidy Roll of London" ( It's also found as a masculine name once under Neville in Karen Larsdatter: "An Index to the 1523 Subsidy Roll for York and Ainsty, England" (

Sudlow is a surname found in a will from 1544 in London Consistory Court Wills 1492-1547, Ida Darlington, ed. (Centre for Metropolitan History, 1967; British History Online: The will reads in part: "I remyt to Thomas Sudlow, oon of the clerkes of the Cowntre aforeseyd all such sommys of money as he hath receyved to my use of oon Richerd Serlys, or Rudston, his attorney." (Separate wills: 1544-47 (nos. 200-45), pp. 125-150; number 204. [bdle. II. 34] William Curson. 26 Nov. 1544.)

Kingdom commenters felt that the birds are identifiable despite the low-contrast bellies. (Technically they're neutral for contrast, and they don't share a tincture with the field, so they follow the rules.)

This item was on the 07-2010 LoAR

6: Saerlaith ingen Chennetig - New Name & New Device

Per saltire azure and sable, a quatrefoil argent.

Submitter desires a feminine name.
No major changes.
Client requests authenticity for 9-12th c. Irish.
Language (10th c. Irish) most important.

Submitted as Saerlaith ingen Cinneide, the patronymic was changed with the submitter's permission to make the name temporally consistent.

Saerlaith is based on the standard Middle Irish Gaelic spelling Sáerlaith of the name of one woman, dated 969, in Mari Elspeth nic Bryan's "Index of Names in Irish Annals" ( Sáerlaith is also a header in OCM, which says "this early name was borne by the mother of Máel Brigte mac Dornáin, abbot of Armagh."

ingen Chennetig is based on the standard Middle Irish Gaelic spelling Cennétig (both nominative and genitive) of the name of two men in the Annals, dated 1159 and 1381 ( Cennétig is also a header in OCM, identified as the name of a couple of early kings (one the father of Brian Boru).

This device is clear of Barbara Wrona (11/2004 East): Per saltire azure and sable by X.1, and it's clear of Geffroi de Mosterol (12/2002 Ealdormere): Per saltire azure and sable, a cross fleury argent by X.2. It is also clear of the House of York (important non-SCA badge): (Fieldless) A rose argent, with one CD for the field, and another for the change from rose to quatrefoil (Ærne Clover, 08/2002 A-An Tir).

This item was on the 07-2010 LoAR

7: Tir Mara, Principality of - New Branch Name & New Device

Argent, a compass star within a laurel wreath azure and a base engrailed barry engrailed azure and argent

Sound most important.
Meaning most important.

They didn't use the language/culture checkbox, but the specifics line of the "if the name must be changed" section says 'Scots Gaelic'. The submission is accompanied by many pages of evidence of support for both the name and arms.

The Eastern College of Heralds appeals to the greater expertise of the College of Arms for documenting this name. We have found evidence for the parts of the name in use in placenames, but we have no idea whether they're put together correctly.

Johnston's Place Names of Scotland s.n. Tirée gives Irish tir-etha 'land of corn' as a possible origin of the placename, and lists dated spellings Terra Ethica c. 1225, Tyrvist 1343, Tiryad 1354, Tereyd 1409, and Tyriage 1467. The entry further notes that Irish tir and Latin terra "are cognate." There is also a place in Ireland modernly called Terryglass, which according to the website ( was called Tir da Ghlas 'land of two streams' c. 1300. Scottish places from this website match Johnston's data, so it should be reasonably reliable. The place is also referenced in the Annals of the Four Masters: entry 1007.6, for example, says Maol Maire ua Gearagain, comharba Cainnigh, & Célechair, mac Duind Cuan, mic Cinneittigh, abb Tíre Da Ghlais, d'ég (, which is translated as "Maelmaire Ua Gearagain, successor of Cainneach; and Ceileachair, son of Donncuan, son of Ceinneidigh, Abbot of Tir-da-ghlas, died." ( Other entries referring to the place include 879.8, 851.3, and 851.6 (

The Annals of the Four Masters entry 814.7 says Ailbhe Cinn Mara, d'ég (, which is translated as "Ailbhe of Ceann Mhara, died" ( We've been unable to find further references to this place, but The Place-Names of Arran by Ronald Currie (Glasgow, John Smith & Son, 1908; has the (presumably modern) placenames Ach na Mara 'field by the sea' and Rudha Mhara 'sea promontory', both using the genitive mara of Gaelic muir 'the sea'. The "Glossary of Gaelic origins of place names in Britain" of Great Britain's Ordnance Survey ( lists further (again, presumably modern) examples: Rubha na Muice Mara under Mara, and Sloc na Mara and Taobh na Mara under Muir.

This item was on the 07-2010 LoAR

8: Vassilis Monemvasios - Resub Device

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in April of 2009, via the East

Or, four helmets affronty in cross, bases to center, and four swords in saltire, points to center, sable.

His previous submission of this device was returned on the April 2009 LoAR (R-East) for unidentifiability of the helmets. They have been redrawn to correct this problem.


Ekwall, Eilert. The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Place-Names. Fourth edition. Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1991.

Johnston, James B. Place-Names of Scotland. Edinburgh? 1934.

Ó Corráin, Donnchadh and Fidelma Maguire. Irish Names. Lilliput Press, Dublin, 1990.

OSCAR counts 3 New Names, 1 New Branch Name, 3 New Devices and 1 New Badge. These 8 items are chargeable, Laurel should receive $24 for them. OSCAR counts 1 Resub Household Name and 1 Resub Device. These 2 items are not chargeable. OSCAR counts 1 Blanket Permission to Conflict. This item may or may not require payment. There are a total of 11 items submitted on this letter.

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