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Lochac LoI dated 2019-01-03

Unto the Lochac College of Herald and the SCA College of Arms does the Honorable Lord Gunther Boese, Rocket Herald send greetings.

It is our intent to register the following special heraldic submission.

This item was on the 04-2019 LoAR

1: Lochac, Kingdom of - Resub Badge

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in October of 2002, via Lochac.

Gules, a Chinese dragon sejant within a bordure Or

Consulting Herald Gunther Rocket

The following was from the previous submissions return "Lochac, Kingdom of. Badge. Gules, on a cross nowy between in bend two furisons palewise Or an Oriental dragon passant sable, a bordure Or.

This badge is being returned for having two items that are step from period practice. The use of an Oriental dragon is a step from period practice because it does not appear in European heraldry. The use of a cross nowy is also a step from period practice, for the same reason.

Although new submissions using Oriental dragons will no longer be registerable without documentation, a timely resubmission will be considered under the rules in place at this time. However, the use of a Oriental dragon will remain a step from period practice."

Device notes from Kingdom

Ollivier Le Floch: There are no instances of Chinese Dragon's sejant in the Ordinary. Assuming that's not a problem for registration, I can't find any conflicts.

Yours in service to Lochac

Gunther Rocket

OSCAR counts 1 Resub Badge. This item is not chargeable.There is only one item submitted on this letter.

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