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Outlands LoI dated 2018-12-28

From the Office of Rampart Herald

THL Khalidah bint Yahya'a (Nicole Riviezzo)

Unto the Sovereigns and members of the College of Arms of the Society, does Khalidah bint Yahya'a, Rampart Herald send her greetings.

What follows is the December 2018 Letter of Intent for the Kingdom of the Outlands.

I would like to thank Kolosvari Arpadne Julia, Maridonna Benvenuti, and all of the heralds who were kind enough to contribute to internal commentary on OSCAR.

It is my intent to register this December the following items from the Outlands' College of Heralds.

This item was on the 03-2019 LoAR

1: Angelica Sabine - New Name

Submitter desires a feminine name.
No changes.
Spelling (16 century English) most important.

[Angelica] - Angelica Warman, f, 14 Sep 1588, Elmstead, Kent, England, C01966-0.

[Sabine] - Joane Sabine, f, 18 May 1590, Davington, Kent, England, M01338-7.

Additional Documentation provided by Kolosvari Arpadne Julia:

The 1588 baptism is actually 1589, but it does look like the church warden named his daughter Angelica. (Both of the cited registers are archdeacon's transcripts, but they appear to be done at the time of the events: the copyist on the previous page identifies himself as Thomas Warman, church warden, and then here he is on the next page, having a daughter baptised.);

This item was on the 03-2019 LoAR

2: Elizabeth Winter - New Name Change

OSCAR NOTE: filing name should not be registered for a primary name change. It was, in in March of 2019, via the Outlands.

Old Item: Isabel la Biche d'Hiver, to be retained as an alternate name.
Submitter desires a feminine name.
No changes.

Elizabeth - R. Le Get, J. Uckelman, S.L. Uckelman. "Elizabeth". In S.L. Uckelman, ed. The Dictionary of Medieval Names from European Sources, Edition 2018, no. 1.

Winter - Dictionary of English Surnames, Reaney revised under its own header C1113 Burton; William Roger 1185

Additional Documentation from Maridonna Benvenuti:

DMNES, Elizabeth, England, Latin dates the name from 1297-80 to 1575. Early Modern English from 1485 to 1599. Date accessed is 12/10/18.

Clear of Elizabeth Winter of White Forest (via Calontir)

This item was on the 03-2019 LoAR

3: Johan von Horne - New Name

Submitter desires a masculine name.
No major changes.
Client requests authenticity for 15-16th century Holy Roman Empire.
Language (15-16th century Holy Roman Empire) most important.
Culture (15-16th century Holy Roman Empire) most important.

[Johan] an German given name from the 16th century as accessed on

[Johan von Horne]: Indexing Project (Batch) Number M95158-1; System Origin Germany-ODM; GS Film number 548600, Citing this Record: "Deutschland Heiraten, 1558-1929," database, FamilySearch ( : 11 February 2018), Johan Von Horne and Margreta Hoender, May 1625; citing Evangelisch, Kamen, Westfalen, Prussia; FHL microfilm 548,600 --

This item was on the 03-2019 LoAR

4: Kolgríma Nikolásdóttir - New Device Change

OSCAR finds the name on the Outlands LoI of July 31, 2013 as submitted.

Per saltire arrondi gules semy of triangles Or and sable, two owls respectant argent

Old Item: Per saltire gules and purpure, an owl argent, a bordure per saltire Or and argent, to be retained as a badge.

This item was on the 03-2019 LoAR

5: Outlands, Kingdom of the - Resub Heraldic Title

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in July of 1986, via the Outlands.

Gold Castle Herald

No major changes.
Meaning (Gold Castle) most important.

This is a heraldic title following the "Heraldic Charge" pattern. A castle is a valid heraldic charge documented in the 3rd Edition of the PicDic (, and gold is one of the usual heraldic metals, though usually stated as "Or".

The previous submission, Castle Herald, was returned on the January 2008 LoAR ( with the following: {This name is in conflict with the important non-SCA placename Castile. They differ in sound by a single vowel sound, and in appearance by a single letter.}

This item was on the 03-2019 LoAR

6: Rio de las Animas, Shire of - New Badge

OSCAR thinks the name is registered as Rio de Las Animas, Shire of in September of 2002, via the Outlands.

Or, on a chevron wavy azure three morions argent

This item was on the 03-2019 LoAR

7: Svanhildr Úlfsdóttir - New Name & New Device

Per fess gules and azure, three swans naiant counterchanged argent and Or

Submitter desires a feminine name.
Client requests authenticity for Viking/Norse.
Language (Viking/Norse) most important.
Culture (Viking/Norse) most important.
Meaning most important.

[Svanhildr] -- Given name. Found in Geirr Bassi's The Old Norse Name (GB), p. 15.

[Ulfsdottir] -- Patronymic. Úlfr is found in GB p. 15. The patronymic was formed per SENA Appendix A, placing Ulfr in the genitive (Ulfs) and appending -dottir.

Thus ends the December 2018 Letter of Intent for the Kingdom of the Outlands.

In Service,

THL Khalidah bint Yahya'a

Rampart Herald

OSCAR counts 3 New Names, 1 New Name Change, 1 New Device, 1 New Device Change and 1 New Badge. These 7 items are chargeable, Laurel should receive $28 for them. OSCAR counts 1 Resub Heraldic Title. This item is not chargeable. There are a total of 8 items submitted on this letter.

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