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Ealdormere LoI dated 2018-12-26

Unto the Sovereigns and other members of the College of Arms of the Society, come greetings from TH Lord Dietrich von Sachsen, Green Mantle Herald.

It is the intent of the Ealdormere College of Heralds to submit the following for your consideration.

This item was on the 03-2019 LoAR

1: Kerstiken Janz - New Device

OSCAR finds the name on the Ealdormere LoI of June 24, 2018 as submitted.

Per chevron Or and argent, two tulips gules slipped and leaved vert and a butterfly azure.

This item was on the 03-2019 LoAR

2: Willmar Grimsdyke - New Device Change

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in September of 2013, via Ealdormere.

Azure, two bars gemel Or.

Old Item: Gules, a triskelion of arms proper vested Or within and grasping an annulet argent., to be retained as a badge.

A possible conflict was raised at Kingdom:

Kathryn atte Unicorn

The following device associated with this name was registered in May of 2012 (via Ansteorra): Azure, two bars Or, issuant from the upper bar a demi-unicorn argent.

1 DC from the demi-unicorn.

The question that we were unable to answer was whether a bar has a DC from a bar gemmel.

Many and warmest thanks to those who have taken the time to comment and thus advance the art and science of heraldry in the Society.

Dietrich von Sachsen

Green Mantle Herald

OSCAR counts 1 New Device and 1 New Device Change. These 2 items are chargeable, Laurel should receive $8 for them. There are a total of 2 items submitted on this letter.

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