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Artemisia LoI dated 2018-11-30

Ii-wy em hotep Juliana Laurel, Alys Pelican, and Cormac Wreath. Ankh, udja, seneb. Ii-wy em hotep members of the College of Arms. Ii-wy em hotep all who read these words from Sneferu Golden Pillar and the Artemisian College of Heralds,

These items has passed kingdom scrutiny since Golden Pillar's latest LoI dated 2018-10-31.

This item was on the 02-2019 LoAR

1: Loch Salann, Barony of - New Order Name & New Badge

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in May of 1980, via Atenveldt.

Societatem et Aquila Coronatus

Per bend argent and sable, an eagle migrant counterchanged

This order name is based on the pattern Other Adjective + Charge found in the article Medieval Secular Order Names by Juliana de Luna. One of the four cited examples for this pattern is Geselle[schaft] von den gekrenten Steynbocken 'Society of the crowned ibexes' (1436).

In kingdom Basil Lions Heart suggested that the name be changed to either Societās Aquilae Corōnatae, Societās dē Aquilā Corōnatā, or to a macron-less form of either of these. Golden Pillar defers to Pelican to make any changes.

This item was on the 02-2019 LoAR

2: Satake Naname - New Name

Client requests authenticity for Japanese Language/Japanese Culture.
Sound (Japanese) most important.
Language (Japanese) most important.
Culture (Japanese) most important.

Sayake - surname pg 325 of NCMJ by Thrandardottir

Nańa - Historical Feminine Names pg 381 of NCMJ by Thrandardottir

The submitter has changed her authenticity request to simply "Japanese Language/Japanese Culture" and removed her request for no changes.

This name was originally submitted as Satake-no-Nańa. After receiving comments from Sǫlveig Þrándardóttir, the submitter has changed this to Satake Naname.

This item was on the 02-2019 LoAR

3: Sindri Sinclaire - New Name & New Device

Sable, a wolf's head couped contourny and in chief a roundel between an increscent and a decrescent, all within an orle argent

No major changes.

Sindri is found in Family Search Historical records

Marie Sindry, female, christened on 07 Aug 1624 in Gloucester, England. Batch C03629-2

English allows for i/y swaps and surnames to used as given names.

Sinclair can also be found in Family Search Historical records

Paull Sinclair, male, christened on 04 Nov 1602 in Aberdeen, Scotland. Batch #C11168-2

SENA Appendix C allows for Scots and English to mixed.

Golden Pillar thanks Seraphina Ragged Staff for tidying up the documentation.

Thanks be to Romil Black Pillar, Conchobhar Golden Wing, and all of the commeters who helped with these submissions at kingdom including but not limited to Sǫlveig Þrándardóttir, Basil Lions Heart, Seraphina Ragged Staff, Iago ab Adam, Madoc Garnet, and Hallerna stjornukona.


Sneferu sa Djedi mewetif Merit
Golden Pillar Herald
Kingdom of Artemisia

Standard disclaimer: So far as I know, this letter accurately reflects the contents of the various submission forms and accompanying documents, including consent to changes, expressed preferences, requests for authenticity, and formation of holding names.

OSCAR counts 2 New Names, 1 New Order Name, 1 New Device and 1 New Badge. These 5 items are chargeable, Laurel should receive $20 for them. There are a total of 5 items submitted on this letter.

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