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Outlands LoI dated 2018-06-30

From the Office of Rampart Herald

THL Khalidah bint Yahya'a (Nicole Riviezzo)

Unto the Sovereigns and members of the College of Arms of the Society, does Khalidah bint Yahya'a, Rampart Herald send her greetings.

What follows is the June 2018 Letter of Intent for the Kingdom of the Outlands.

I would like to thank ffride wlffsdotter, Michael Gerard Curtememoire, Orle, and all of the heralds who were kind enough to contribute to internal commentary on OSCAR.

It is my intent to register this June the following items from the Outlands' College of Heralds.

1: Alesonne MacClellan - New Name & New Device

Or, a chevron pean between two wolf's heads erased respectant and a triquetra sable

Submitter desires a feminine name.
Language (Scottish) most important.
Culture (Scottish) most important.

Alesonne - From Mari's Names From Old Edinburgh, 1597-1598 (

MacClellan -

2: Áskatla Ragnarsdóttir - New Device

OSCAR finds the name on the Outlands LoI of March 30, 2018 as submitted.

Sable, on a pile purpure fimbriated a domestic cat couchant argent

3: Bernhart vom Böhmerwald - New Name & New Device

Argent, a bow fesswise armed and drawn with a trident sable

Submitter desires a masculine name.
Meaning most important.

Bernhart: Given name found in from Roland Mulch, Arnsburger Personennamen: Untersuchungen zum Namenmaterial aus Arnsburger Urkunden vom 13. - 16. Jahrhundert, 1974

von Böhmerwald: Locational byname meaning of the Bohemian Forest.

Additional documentation provided by Michael Gerard Curtememoire & ffride wlffsdotter:

<Bernhart> appears in Aryanhwy merch Catmael, "15th Century Bavarian Names",

Aryanwhy merch Catmael, "German Names from Nürnberg, 1497",

Talan Gwynek, "German Names from Nürnberg, 1497",

For the surname, tells us the first German name applied to the forest was "Nordwald", 'Northwoods', but that "Urkundlich erwähnt wurde z. B. 1147 Behaimer walt und 1204 der Boemerwalt", it 'was mentioned in documents, e.g., 1147 Behaimer walt and 1204 der Boemerwalt', with a footnote to Duden, Geographische Namen in Deutschland, Mannheim 1999.

Eg. Dictionariolum geographicum by Salomon Kueselius, published 1637 p. 115 has: ( ed=0ahUKEwijqbv6rM3bAhUJWLwKHVD3BWgQ6AEIKTAA#v=onepage&q=%22vom%20B%C3%B6hmerwald%22&f=false) "Gabretta ein Stück vom Böhmerwald bey Freystadt"

[Gabretta, a portion from the Böhmerwald near Freystadt]

Originally submitted as <Bernhart von Böhmerwald> but was changed by Kingdom to <Bernhart vom Böhmerwald> following proper construction of the locative and per documentation.

The above submission has images. To view them, see the URLs below:

4: Dagrun Ljufudottir - New Device

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in July of 2016, via the Outlands.

Gyronny arrondi gules and Or a dragon sejant affronty, head to dexter and wings displayed sable

5: Eirikr rauðskeggr - New Name

Submitter desires a masculine name.
No major changes.
Meaning most important.

Eirikr: Given name found in the Landnámabók (a photocopy of the English Translation published in 1898 by Rev. T Ellwood M.A. is attached).

rauðskeggr: Descriptive byname meaning "red-beard" taken from the Landnámabók. This is taken from descriptive bynames found relating to beards such as "Broad Beard" on Chapter 22 in Part 1 (English photocopy, text from original) and replacing the term "red" in for "broad".

Additional Documentation provided by Orle:

Let's use an Appendix H no-photocopy source: both parts of the name are in Geirr Bassi

<Eiríkr> (note the i-acute) is from Geirr Bassi p. 9.

I don't have the page number for <rauðskeggr>, but I can cite it from another Appendix H source, E.H. Lind Personbinamn col. 291 s.n. <rauðskeggr>. Rolfr, Landnámabók, an Icelandic settler; Þorir, Grettis saga Ásmundarsonar, 1000s; Arni, Biskupa sögur, c.1200; Mattis. Diplomatarium Norvegicum, 1448.

The above submission has images. To view them, see the URLs below:

6: Hrefna Ylffva - New Name & New Device

Argent, a raven sable and on a chief purpure three valknuts argent

Submitter desires a feminine name.

Hrefna - 'Old Norse Women's Names' from Viking Answer Lady Webpage (

Hrefna: is found in "The Old Norse Name" by Geirr Bassi Haraldsson. Hrefna is feminine name found on pg. 11.

Ylffva - Olaus Petri's "Svenska Krˆnika"

p. 59 and 73 <Ingrid Ylffues>; p. 71 <Ingrid Ylffwa> =0ahUKEwi2nsT-rq_bAhWD3FMKHfMHAyAQ6AEIQjAG#v=onepage&q=Olaus%20Petri's&f=false

Which makes for a medieval spelling of <Ylffva> or <Ylffwa>

Additional documentation provided by Orle:

Ingrid Ylva was the wife of Magnus Minniskiold and mother of Birgeir jarl Magnusson, in the late 12th-early 13th c. The documentation is from a translation of Olof Peterson's 1528 En Swensk Cröneka, and I'd cite it as: Olaus Petri. Svenska Krönika. Ed. G. E. Klemming. Stockholm: H. Klemming. 1860.

Not knowing whether Klemming normalized any names, I checked another edition and verified the spellings: Jöran Sahlgren, ed. En Swensk Cröneka af Olavus Petri. Uppsala: Bengt Hesselman. 1917. (text at

Substitution of u for v and vice versa is not uncommon in medieval manuscripts. The instance of <Ylffues> is genitive: "Simon Sijk war Ingrid Ylffues fadher och Birger Jerll war hennes son" [Simon Sijk was Ingrid Ylffva's father and Birger jarl was her son].

The original emblazon ( had a odd clipart-ish white outline around the raven so Kingdom requested a redraw of the raven from the submitting herald to have the "fimbriation" removed.

7: Iago Martyn - New Badge

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in January of 2015, via the Outlands.

Per pale sable and Or, a chevron inverted counterchanged

8: Teresa de Granada - New Name

No major changes.
Language most important.
Culture most important.

Teresa is found in "16th Century Spanish Names" by Elsbeth Anne Roth (Kathy Van Stone) Teresa has 5 documented instances, Teresa de Salbatierra (1539, III.67), Teresa de Azinega (1560, IV.35), Teresa Jiménez (1571, V.3060), Teresa Díaz (1571, V.3188), Doña Teresa de Vargas (1574, V.3697)

de Granada is a Spanish locative surname meaning "of Granada". Granada is a Spanish city and province founded in the 8th century, "Webster's New Geographical Dictionary"

Additional Documentation provided by Michael Gerard Curtememoire:

<Granada> seems to be a period form of the city's name. The one instance Google Books lets me at is in Martín Carrillo, Historia del glorioso San Valero, obispo de la ciudad de Çaragoça (Zaragoça, 1615),, p. 173, (, with a second occurrence several lines below the highlighted one.

There was discussion on the internal letter ( about whether or not this name had a problem with presumption given its proposed similarity to one of many names potentially held by a Spanish Saint.

9: Ulric of Thorne - New Name & New Device

Per saltire vert and sable, a saltire argent between in pale two wolf's heads erased and in fess two chaplets of thorns Or

Submitter desires a masculine name.
Language most important.
Culture most important.

Ulric - From Domesday book. Mentioned in transcription: Mentioned in: Counthorpe: Cudetorp: Drogo de Beuvriere and Ulric and Walter from him; Robert of Stafford. Image of DB: ; ; (right column, 3rd paragraph, 3rd line, right side)

Thorne - From Domesday book. Image: 9 lines up "Torne"

On the original emblazon (, the chaplets of thorn were not indentifiable and the wolf's head did not look particularly wolf-like so the emblazon was updated the submitting herald.

10: Vígdís Knarrarbringa - New Name & New Device

Or, a dragon in annulo azure, a bordure per fess vert and purpure

Submitter desires a feminine name.
Language most important.
Culture most important.

<Vígdís> is found in Geirr Bassi, p. 16 in the feminine names column. Geirr Bassi lists 19 instances.

<Knarrarbringa> appears as a descriptive byname which literally means "merchantship bosom" and refers to a woman with large breasts (op. cit., p. 24).

The original emblazon ( had the dragon <vorant of its tail> but that was not what the submitter actually wanted so the emblazon was updated to have the dragon just in annulo. Kingdom also suggested a slightly slimmer bordure in order to make the dragon larger on the field for identifiablity. The new emblazons were provided by the submitting herald.

Thus ends the June 2018 Letter of Intent for the Kingdom of the Outlands.

In Service,

THL Khalidah bint Yahya'a

Rampart Herald

OSCAR counts 7 New Names, 7 New Devices and 1 New Badge. These 15 items are chargeable, Laurel should receive $60 for them. There are a total of 15 items submitted on this letter.

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