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Calontir LoI dated 2018-05-04

Grüß Gott!

Unto Juliana de Luna, Laurel; Alys Mackyntoich, Pelican; Cormac Mor, Wreath; and the esteemed members of the College of Arms does Herr Gotfrid von Schwaben, Saker Herolt of the Kingdom of Calontir send heartfelt greetings.

The Calontir College of Heralds presents this Letter of Intent for your consideration requesting registration of the following submissions:

This item was on the 08-2018 LoAR

1: Adalyde bint Yunus al-Zarqa' - New Device

OSCAR thinks the name is registered as Adalyde bint Yunus al-Zarqa' in May of 2015, via Calontir.

Gyronny of twelve Or and azure, a peacock in his pride argent and on a base sable a moon in her plenitude Or

Device Notes:
Her previous submission, Gyronny of twelve azure and Or, a peacock in his pride argent was returned at kingdom for conflict with the device of Jumanah bint Nur al-Zarqa' (Feb 2004, Atlantia), Per bend Or and vert, a peacock in his pride argent. ( This redesign addresses the conflict by adding the charged base.

This item was on the 08-2018 LoAR

2: Aidan Cocrinn - New Badge

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in April of 1986, via Calontir.

(Fieldless) A raven striking to sinister vert

This item was on the 08-2018 LoAR

3: Alan Burellson - Resub Device

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in May of 2006, via Calontir.

Erminois, on a pile ployé azure a hanging balance Or

Device Notes:
Originally submitted as a New Device on the Calontir ILoI dated 25 Feb 2018 (Item #2,, commentary revealed the submission (Azure chausse ploye erminois, a hanging balance Or), was actually a resubmission for a Laurel return May 2006 ( Unfortunately, commentary also revealed that resubmission conflicted with the previously registered device of Elena Anatolievna Pavlova, (Jan 1994, Middle): (Fieldless) A standing balance Or.

This redraw produces a viable resolution to that conflict by making the pile the primary charge.

This item was on the 08-2018 LoAR

4: Calontir, Kingdom of - New Badge Association

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in December of 1983, via Calontir.

Purpure, a swan naiant Or

This submission is to be associated with Golden Calon Swan, Order of the

The badge and original order name (Order of the Golden Swan) were adjudicated on the OCT 1987 LoAR (, resulting in the badge's registration, but return of the Order name. Quoting the return decision:

Under our current rules, there is no conflict with the Order of the Black Swan (Principality of Cynagua) since the adjective is changed, not added. However, it is unfortunately in conflict with the Knights of the Swan (Flanders) since all that differs is the addition of the adjective (NR24a).
Subsequent re-submission of the Order name was adjudicated and registered on the AUG 1989 LoAR ( Quoting the decision:
Name for Order of the Golden Calon Swan. This submission has a rather long and unfortunate history. As Badger has noted from his first-hand experience when Gold Falcon in Principality days, the submission of the name/badge for this Order has been returned for one reason or another for nearly a decade. In its first avatar it was identical to the name of the mundane Order of the Swan, the conflict for which it was returned by the current Laurel. Since the addition of the metallic modifier appears to have occurred after Master Wilhelm's ruling in 1981, which required more than the addition of an adjectival modifier to clear conflicts between Orders, the hardship case alluded to by Gold Falcon cannot be as convincing as it might be. While internal discussion on the name/ insignia of the order continued for some time and there were undoubtedly several returns at one time or another, this does not constitute heraldic misfeasance in and of itself. Moreover, even if heraldic misfeasance were demonstrated, it would be necessary to show that the name/badge would have passed under the rules that would have applied were the misfeasance not to have occurred. This is clearly not the case, since the name proposed at the point of Principality status was a direct conflict with a mundane order and would have been ground for return at almost any time these last two decades. More recent returns have led to public and private accusations of anti-Calontir prejudice in the College of Arms in general and the Laurel Office in particular. Private commentary has even included accusations that Laurel and the Crescent Principal Herald "want blood" and have come perilously close to suggesting that members of the College have been conspiring to bar Calontir having "anything at all Swan-like". Nothing could be farther from the truth. On a number of occasions, alternate suggestion for Swannish names have been made by several members of the College and Laurel herself, suggestions which have been on the whole rejected as "slurs on the chivalry of Calontir". Neither the Laurel Office nor the College of Arms can or should be swayed by such accusations or browbeating by any individual submittor, Kingdom or subset of the College. That being said, commentary in the College favouring acceptance of orders which differ by two separate adjectival phrases of equal weight closely attached to the base noun and Gold Falcon indicating in his private commentary to Laurel that Calontir will accept the conjoining of Golden and Calon to their bird, it seems that an acceptable compromise can be reached. Sic fiat.
At the time of the Order name's registration, the association between the Badge and the Order name was lost. We seek to correct this oversight with this action.

This item was on the 08-2018 LoAR

5: Deirdre MacAodha - New Name & New Device

Purpure, a thistle Or and a double tressure argent

Submitter desires a feminine name.
No major changes.

Deirdre: 12th century Gaelic name used once, as quoted in Concerning the Name Deirdre by Josh Mittleman. (

MacAodha: byname using the Early Modern Irish Gaelic genitive form of Áed, which is found in the years 578 through 1594. Index of Names in Irish Annals: Áed / Aodh by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan (Kathleen M. O'Brien) (

Name Notes:
The submitter marked "No Major Changes", but also requested authenticity for 12th century Gaelic. We have subsequently contacted the submitter regarding this issue, and the submitter has indicated they do not wish authenticity, but rather seeks specifically the byname of MacAodha to honor the memory of her SCA foster mother.

This item was on the 08-2018 LoAR

6: Emerick Jones - New Household Name

OSCAR finds the name on the Calontir LoI of August 30, 2017 as submitted.

Company of Scarlet

Spelling (Scarlet) most important.

Company: Designator for a household name, per SENA Appendix E, part D. (

Scarlet: R&W, s.n. Scarlet, Scarlett lists William Scarlet dated to 1185.

Additionally, Index of Names in the 1582 Subsidy Roll of London: Surnames of English men & women by Sara L. Uckelman known in the SCA as Aryanhwy merch Catmael shows the surname Scarlet 3 times. (

Meta-patern for household names: This household name follows the pattern [designator of substantive element], wherein the surname is used as the substantive element.

This item was on the 08-2018 LoAR

7: Heinrich von Emden - Resub Device Change

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in January of 2008, via Calontir.

Per chevron sable and gules, two towers and an eagle's head erased, a bordure argent

Old Item: Sable, a frauenadler within a bordure embattled Or, to be retained as a badge.

Device notes:
This was originally a Gulf Wars submission.

Originally listed in the Calontir ILoI dated 2017-03-31 (, this change of device submission was RETURNED FOR CONFLICT during the April Decision meeting. Quoting Green Anchor's comment:

Conflict with Cheryl of Castlewhyte, reg. 9/73: Per chevron sable and gules, three castles argent; there is just one DC for replacing one castle (tower) with the eagle's head. We count no difference between a castle and a tower.
Commentary at that time also noted some suggestions to correct potential redraw errors, which were corrected upon modification and approval of this device by the submitter.

Subsequently, this device was returned on the Feb 2018 LoAR ( Quoting the decision by Laurel:
This device is returned for violation of the May 2011 Cover Letter instructions for per chevron lines of division. In this device, the visible portion of the line of division sits two-thirds above the fessline, rather than being centered on it. Even taking into account the hidden portion behind the bordure, the line of division is still substantially higher, dividing the field unequally. Far from a mere technicality, we see the practical consequences of this design as the towers are crowded into the corners of the shield with almost no margin while the eagle's head, depicted with the same height, floats in base with a lot more space around it. Shifting the line of division so that it's centered on the fessline will solve that. The submitter is encouraged to enlarge all of the primary charges to fill the available space, once the line of division is shifted.
Working directly with the submitter, this redraw addresses the issues of the return.

This item was on the 08-2018 LoAR

8: Korinna the Scythian - New Name & New Device

Vert, two owls respectant guardant and a tree argent

Submitter desires a feminine name.

Korinna: feminine name found three times in the Lexicon of Greek Personal Names with dates 2nd C. AD; 1 BC-1 AD; 5th or 3rd C. BC. ( E%9D%CE%9D%CE%91)

Given name also documented via Middle LoI dated 2015-10-28 [item #26, Korinna Attika] (

the Scythian: descriptive byname. Lingua Anglica form of Greek Σκύθης (Skuthika/Skythika). (

Name Notes:
Originally submitted as Korinna Scythia the name was changed with the submitter's input and permission based on additional naming convention information (See Image #1 below).

The above submission has images. To view them, see the URLs below:

This item was on the 08-2018 LoAR

9: Otmar Eichman - New Name & New Device

Per chevron inverted sable and gules, a feather argent and a stag's massacre Or

Submitter desires a masculine name.

Otmar: Male given name documented via Family Search record for Otmar Haunsel, married 08 Jul 1566, Talheim (Oa. Tuttlingen), Württemberg, Germany, batch M91759-1. (

Eichman: Surname documented via Family Search record for Johan Eichman, died 17 Dec 1577, Sindelfingen, Württemberg, Germany, batch B00429-2. (

Herzlichen Danke to Laurel Sovereign of Arms, the Laurel Staff and the SCA College of Arms for their consideration of this letter.

Ich dien,
Gotfrid von Schwaben
Saker Herolt

OSCAR counts 3 New Names, 1 New Household Name, 4 New Devices and 1 New Badge. These 9 items are chargeable, Laurel should receive $36 for them. OSCAR counts 1 Resub Device and 1 Resub Device Change. These 2 items are not chargeable. OSCAR counts 1 Badge Association. This item may or may not require payment. There are a total of 12 items submitted on this letter.

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