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Artemisia LoI dated 2018-02-28

Ii-wy em hotep Juliana Laurel, Alys Pelican, and Cormac Wreath. Ankh, udja, seneb. Ii-wy em hotep members of the College of Arms. Ii-wy em hotep all who read these words from Sneferu Golden Pillar and the Artemisian College of Heralds,

These are the items which have passed kingdom scrutiny since Golden Pillar's latest LoI dated 2018-01-30.

This item was on the 05-2018 LoAR

1: Aasa Gunnarsdottir i Vestland - Resub Name

Submitter desires a feminine name.
Language (Norse) most important.
Culture (12th-14th century Norway/Greenland/Iceland) most important.

The original iteration of this name, Åsa Gunnarsdóttir, was returned on 12/29/2017 by Artemisia for conflict with Æsa Gunnarsdóttir(9/2009).

Doc's from fridde:

O. Rygh's "Norske Gaardnavne" has sn. Vestland 501=on

Westeland 1593.

Vesteland, Vestland JN. (This is a reference to Jens Nilssøn's visitation book, so ca 1574-1597.)

Westland 1599. 1603.

Westeland 1612.

It's a reference to a farm though, not the Vestlandet region of Norway. Wikipedia is implying that it wasn't a name used for the area during the SCA's period:

A name like "Aasa Gunnarsdottir i Vestland" would be a pretty awesome 14-16th c. Norwegian name though! (å is a relatively modern introduction to Scandinavian alphabets).

Lind col. 60 sn. Ása

Aasa, feminine name, recorded in Diplomatarium Norvegicum, 1395

And sorry it's another non-photocopy source to go with "Vestland":

Jngibiorg Gunnarsdottir, Diplomatarium Norvegicum, volume 02, page 58, number 66, dated 1302.


Rygh's Norske Gaardnavne does have:

vol. 7, p.14, no. 46. Vaagsland.

i Vægheland, 1519

vol. 7, p.293, nos. 32. 33. Folseland nedre og øvre.

i Folzeland, 1525

vol. 7, p.363, no. 70. Bjaaland.

i Bioland i Morgedal, 1555.

(All three should be on this page: 26158=on&KRYSS125259%4028467=on&KRYSS127869%4029045=on)

This item was on the 05-2018 LoAR

2: Alina Rose - New Name & New Device

Argent, a bend sinister between a rose gules and a sun sable

Submitter desires a feminine name.
Language (English) most important.
Culture (English) most important.

From ffride:

Alina Aser, female, christened 1539, Benington, Hertford, England. Batch no. C07216-1


Jone Rose, female, married 1541, Great Berkhampstead, Hertford, England. Batch no. M00807-5


This item was on the 05-2018 LoAR

3: Connall O'Doibhilin - New Name & New Device

Connall O'Doibhilin

Or, a wolf statant sable and a bordure embattled azure

Submitter desires a masculine name.
Client requests authenticity for 9th Century Irish.
Language (9th Century Irish) most important.


Conall (or Conaill)

Submitter would also accept 'Connall O'Dublin' if the above is not registerable.

In kingdom commentary Coblaith noted that there is no spelling of the surname that is authentic for the 9th C because "clan affiliation bynames did not appear until the 10th and did not become common until the 11th." The alternate spellings "Conall Ó Dobailéin," "Conall mac Dobailéin," and "Conall Duib" were all suggested to the submitter. His response is as follows:

The short answer is that either work for me. I am interested more in historical accuracy than on a specific spelling or pronunciation. Long answer: So I had given (the local herald) 2 versions of the name to get feed back on. The first name is the vital thing in this whole deal. So long as I can keep some spelling of Conall, I'm good. For the surname I gave him a form to look at for looking at the O'Doibhilin option. If there is not a period correct version of that then the other option I gave him was for "of Dublin" being the city or region of Dublin. Dublin or the Irish spelling of Duiblinn translates to "black pool" or "the black pool" as I've found in my own research, something along the lines of the second suggestion is acceptable. I'm really not committed to the surname one way or the other, so whatever will work and be historically correct is where I want to go with it.


Historical correctness is really the only thing I care about with it now.

Commenters at kingdom believe that this conflicts with the device of Riobard ó Suilleabhain Or, a talbot courant sable and a base engrailed azure which was registered February of 2014 (via AEthelmearc). Golden Pillar disagrees; being fairly certain that type of secondary and complex line of secondary can each provide a DC. If so appendix M lists embattled and engrailed in different groups, thus providing the second DC.

This item was on the 05-2018 LoAR

4: George Daniel the Blind - New Name & New Device

Argent, on a bend sinister gules between two bats sable five gouttes palewise Or

Submitter desires a masculine name.
No major changes.

From Coblaith:

The Middle English Dictionary, s.n. blind (adj.) (, offers "Willielmus Blind" (1217) and "Willelmus le Blynd" (1254).

The same source, s.nn. phisicien (n.) and whit (adj.), records "George le Fisicien" (1279) and "Daniel Whitlether" (1298)(,

SENA lists unmarked patronymics, descriptives using the definite article "the", and the sequence "[given name] ] [patronymic byname] [descriptive byname]" as patterns requiring no further documentation for Middle English (

This item was on the 05-2018 LoAR

5: Gryphon's Lair, Barony of - New Order Name

OSCAR thinks the name is registered as Gryphon's Lair, Barony of in May of 2009, via Artemisia.

Saint Bianca's Heart, Society of

This submission is to be associated with An award for service to the Baron and/or Baroness
No changes.
Meaning most important.

In kingdom this order name received 0 comments.

Golden Pillar is pretty sure it works based on the Saint + Other pattern from Juliana de Luna's article Medieval Secular Order Names: Standard Forms of Order Names. Examples listed in that article include Saint Georges Shield (Germany) and Saint Williams Shield (Austria).

At Golden Wing's insistence the submitter will accept a change of degisnator to Order if necessary.

This item was on the 05-2018 LoAR

6: Otiliah Vuhs - Resub Device

OSCAR finds the name on the Artemisia LoI of January 30, 2018 as submitted.

Azure, a dragon sejant to sinister argent and in sinister a rapier inverted proper.

Note the cant to the mundane surname.

Consulting heralds pretty much the whole Solstice table.

The original iteration of this device Azure, a dragon sejant argent and in dexter a rapier inverted Or (image 1) was returned by Artemisia for conflict with Karina of the Far West Azure, a wivern statant argent which was registered November of 1987 (via the West).

Correction to Device (2018-Mar-15 00:03:12): This should be listed as a new device.

The above submission has images. To view them, see the URLs below:

This item was on the 05-2018 LoAR

7: Otto Hardbeinn - Resub Device

OSCAR is unable to find the name, either registered or submitted.

Per saltire azure and argent, an ogress between two bears rampant addorsed sable

The first iteration of this dveice "Per pale azure and argent, two wolves salient addorsed counterchanged" from was returned by Laurel on the July 2017 LoAR with the following language:

This device is returned for conflict with Fáelán hua Meic Laisre, Per pale azure and argent, two wolves combatant counterchanged. There is one DC for change of posture via SENA A5G7b, but an SC via SENA A5E5 is not available; comparable postures within the same category include "rampant, segreant, salient, sejant erect, sejant, and the contourny versions of these" (emphasis added); postures within this category do not receive an SC between them.

The second iteration of this device from Artemisia ILoI - 2017-10-27 was returned by Artemisia for modification to the shape of the shield outline on the form.

This iteration is a redraw.

This item was on the 05-2018 LoAR

8: Praxilla Taurina - Resub Device Change

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in August of 2014, via Artemisia.

Or, a chief-pale potent

Old Item: Or, a winged boar courant bendy azure and argent., to be retained as a badge.

The previous itteration of this device submission Or, a chief-pale azure (image 1) was returned on the 07-2015 LOAR with the following comments:

Sadly, this lovely device conflicts with the device of Morgan Buchanan: Or, a pale and on a chief azure three suns Or. While Morgan's device, because the suns are only present on the chief portion, cannot be blazoned as a chief-pale, Praxilla's device can be blazoned as a pale and a chief and conflict has to be considered under all reasonable blazons. Thus, the only difference from Morgan's device is the removal of the tertiary suns and this is a conflict.

The above submission has images. To view them, see the URLs below:

This item was on the 05-2018 LoAR

9: Sarah ingen Douglas - Resub Name Change From Holding Name

OSCAR NOTE: 'Old Item' should contain the former primary name. The form that is there is not a registered name.

Old Item: Sarah of Calafia, to be released.
Meaning (daughter of Douglas) most important.

Sarah of Calafia

This name was registered in March of 2004 (via Caid).

Holding name

The following device associated with this name was registered in March of 2004 (via Caid):

Argent, a horse passant to sinister and a bordure purpure.

Sarah- already Registered to the submitter

ingen 'Daughter of" in Welsh

The pattern <given> ingen <father's genitive> is documented in Sharon L. Krossa's "quick and Easy Gaelic Names" ( The use of ingen prior to 1200 comes towards the bottom of the page, while the generic pattern is s.n. Simple Patronymic Bynames.

Douglas - Header name in Black's Surnames of Scotland, pgs 217-218. Found as a surname 1175 to 1633.

Consulting herald Shauna Golden Sage

Commenters at kingdom were concerned that ingen and Douglas might be incompatible in a single name phrase. However the submitter is "pretty set" on the name as submitted. Golden Pillar sends it up to see what Pelican makes of it.

This item was on the 05-2018 LoAR

10: Sneferu sa Djedi mewtif Merit - New Household Name & Resub Badge

OSCAR is unable to find the name, either registered or submitted.

Cartouche, House of the

(Fieldless) A man kneeling contourney vested of a kilt maintaining a cartouche palewise and reed pen bendwise Or.

This household name uses the pattern "Heraldic Depictions: Charges" from the article Inn Signs and House Names in 15th Century Paris by Juliana de Luna (Julia Smith). Examples using this pattern include hostel de la Nasse, maison de la Couronne, and l'enseigne de l'Estoille.

A Cartouche is a heraldic charge which has been used in a non-personal name as recently as June 2016 (via Avacal) in the order name "Sphinx and Cartouche, Order of the" which was registered with the following comments:

Both the sphinx and cartouche are registerable charges. Therefore, they are permitted in order names:
Therefore, we rule that blazonry terms used in the SCA for charges used in period armory and for charges compatible with period practice (that is, those charges that are not considered a step from period practice) will be allowed in order names and heraldic titles. This does not extend to blazonry terms that were not used to create order names and heraldic titles (like lines of division). [Aquaterra, Barony of, Order of the Blue Kraken, July 2011, A-An Tir]

Submitter claims Lingua Anglica for the designator.

The previous iteration of this badge (Fieldless) A man genuant vested of a kilt maintaining a stylus and tablet Or (image 1) was returned by Laurel on the Oct 2017 letter with the following comments:

This badge is returned for lack of documentation for the submitted posture. The posture "genuant" in SCA heraldry, last registered in 2009, is a bipedal posture where the legs are set at right angles, with the body resting on one knee and the foot of the other leg planted in front of the body, kneeling as in presentation. This posture, on the other hand, has the figure seated with one foot tucked entirely beneath him and the other half-raised, his arms resting on the raised knee. No evidence was presented and none could be found that this posture is found in period heraldry, and so must be returned.

This badge is also returned for the maintained charges in an unblazonable orientation. The tablet and stylus are both halfway between fesswise and bendwise/bendwise sinister. As maintained charges count for difference, their orientation must be blazonable.

The above submission has images. To view them, see the URLs below:

Thanks be to Apollonia Black Pillar and all of the commeters who helped with these submissions at kingdom including but not limited to ffride wlffsdotter, Coblaith Muimnech, Magnus von Lübeck, Daniel the Broc, Etienne Sea Stag, Conchobhar Golden Wing, Maridonna Benvenuti, Iago ab Adam, Praxilla Taurina, Kolosvari Arpadne Julia, and Hallerna stjornukona.


Sneferu sa Djedi mewetif Merit
Golden Pillar Herald
Kingdom of Artemisia

Standard disclaimer: So far as I know, this letter accurately reflects the contents of the various submission forms and accompanying documents, including consent to changes, expressed preferences, requests for authenticity, and formation of holding names.

OSCAR counts 3 New Names, 1 New Household Name, 1 New Order Name and 3 New Devices. These 8 items are chargeable, Laurel should receive $32 for them. OSCAR counts 1 New Holding Name Change. OSCAR counts 1 Resub Name, 1 Resub Name Change, 2 Resub Devices, 1 Resub Device Change and 1 Resub Badge. These 7 items are not chargeable. There are a total of 15 items submitted on this letter.

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