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Avacal Other dated 2018-02-15

Unto the College of Arms, please find herein the bid and details for Avacal to host the Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium in 2019 in the Barony of Borealis, (Edmonton Alberta, Canada). Attached are letters of support from Seneschals of Avacal and Borealis, and the sitting Baron and Baroness of Borealis as the host group. (Link #1- Words of Support)

This item was on the 05-2018 LoAR

1: Bid for 2019 Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium - New Other

OSCAR is unable to find the name (Bid for 2019 Known World Heraldic) , either registered or submitted.
OSCAR is unable to find the name (Scribal Symposium) , either registered or submitted.

Avacal Bid Team:

Daniel the Broc, Bid Team Leader, Facility Site Coordinator, Current Precedence clerk Avacal, Consulting Herald

Amelinne D'Yvry, Scribal Stream Representative, Current Gules Signet (Kingdom Scribe of Avacal) and assistant bid Coordinator

Master Beothuk, OP, Current, Sanguinaris Herald, (Avacal PH), previous Avacal Education Herald, Kingdom Officer Support

Master Jean de Chauliac, OP, Former Principality Herald Avacal

Arwyn of Leicester, Former Principality Herald Avacal, Trillium Herald (Principal Herald Ealdormere), current White Wyvern Herald (Submissions Avacal), Coordinator of Joint Ealdormere Aethelmarc Symposium 2002

Bóthilðr Sigurðardóttir, current Seneschal of Montengarde, experience with large conference style events

Supported by Kingdom officers including Baron Kraig, OP, Kingdom fundraising deputy and Roxanne Delaroche, Seneschal Avacal

Proposed Key Event Staff Team:

Event Steward, Daniel the Broc

Assistant Event Steward, Scribal Stream Assistant Class Coordinator, Amelynne D'Yvry

Class Coordinator, HE Una Henriksdotter, OP., Former Baroness Montengarde,

Proceeding Clerk, Kataryna Thack, OL, current The University of Avacal (TUA) Coordinator for ongoing local and kingdom symposiums

Royal Liaison Coordinator, Bóthilðr Sigurðardóttir

Merchant Coordinator, Mistress Coryn of the Wood, OP, member of Avacal merchant guild, local costume merchant

Entertainment/Social Coordinator TBD

Fundraising/Sponsor Coordinator TBD

When: April 26-28, 2019. Chosen to reduce conflicts with major interkingdom wars. May conflict with Spring coronation in either Ealdormere or Aethelmarc (Link #2 - Crowns and Coronations)

Where: Edmonton Inn and Conference Centre. A large, centrally located facility in Edmonton, Alberta with 260 guest rooms, several conference rooms, and an onsite restaurant.

Proposed Venue for Symposium:

1 Large Ballroom that can comfortably seat 300 people and can also be subdivided with air-walls

5 other classrooms that will hold 20-30 each. If need or class streams need more than this, additional room are available at additional costs.

Large centrally located lounge area (raised "Arbour lounge") for gate, event steward point, as long as we allow other guest access

The proposed use spaces are marked on the floor plan in yellow (Link 3 - Hotel Floor Plan)


(all prices in $ Canadian with the approximate exchange rate $ 100CAN = $ 80 USD)

Proposed Income:

Site Fee: $ 65

Expected Attendance: 140 attendees, even though the 5 year rolling average appears to be at 170

Expected Income from site Fees

140 paid @ 65 $ /person - $ 9100

Expected Event Costs:

Venue $ 8041.11 (Includes 10% site contingency and deposit)

Gate supplies and equipment rentals $ 1000

Profit/Loss: $ 0

Fundraising stretch goals or group sponsorship

Coffee and tea service- approx 1500-2000 $

Keynote speaker travel assistance - Costs to be determined

2 days Breakfast buffet - $ 2000- $ 3000, based on people attending and items

Swag Bags - Costs to be determined

Hotel Information:


Amenities: Fitness Centre, Free Wireless Internet, Onsite Graze Restaurant, Coin Laundry, Business Centre with Printer, Wheelchair Accessible Rooms

Hotel Pricing:

It is too far in advance for them to be able to guarantee a room-rate or bulk discount, however, the online rate for a two-queen suite is currently 115 $ . Do note though that this does not include breakfast (See food options, below).

This is in line with the prices for the hotel selected for this current KW in the Debatable Lands ( $ 119.95 USD)

Food options:

The easiest option for food is the in-hotel restaurant, the Graze.

Breakfast is not included in the basic room rate, they do offer a breakfast buffet for 19 $ , as well as their regular menu. We may provide potential catering options if the bid is accepted and we get local group sponsorship.

In addition to the onsite restaurant, Edmonton does have many delivery options, including a generalized food delivery app ( and Ubereats.

Arriving in Edmonton:

The Edmonton International Airport (Airport code YEG) is a major northern airline hub, with several direct flights, as well as several connector flights from other hubs such as Calgary (YYC) which is a 3 hour drive away. As the airport is south of the city, to get to the hotel your main options are a "Will call" shuttle service, (approx 20 $ ) or airport taxi service (Approx 45 $ ).

We may help coordinate a share a ride board to minimize transportation to/from airport with flights arriving/leaving around the same time.

Things to do in Edmonton and Alberta:

Edmonton is the provincial capital of Alberta, with a metro population of 1.3 million people.

Local attractions in the city include

West Edmonton Mall, one of the largest indoor shopping malls in North America.

The Royal Alberta Museum is re-opening in a new and much larger facility in mid-2018

Fort Edmonton park is a living history museum dedicated to the original trading fort and early city history from the mid-1800s on.

The provincial Legislature is open to the public with tours:

Rogers Place and the Ice district is our newly opened hockey and concert arena, home to the Edmonton Oilers of the NHL. 2019 is a long way away, but late April is NHL playoff hockey.

The Edmonton River valley is one of the largest contiguous urban park systems in North America, with 160 km (100 miles) of maintained trails and a new funicular for motorized access.

For places a bit farther:

Jasper National Park is approx 350 km (220 miles) west of the city, with late April being good for both spring skiing as well as early hiking.

The Royal Tyrrell Museum is a world renowned paleontology museum located on the dinosaur beds of the Alberta Badlands, located 275 km (170 miles) south and east.

Bid links:

Link 1: Letters of support from Avacal Seneschal, and Baron and Baroness Borealis

Link 2: Coronations, Crowns and other Major Events of the Known World

Link 3:

Edmonton Inn floor plan, with rented areas marked in Yellow

Thank you for your consideration.

I may be contacted if there are any questions relating to this bid.

Daniel the Broc (MKA Joe Turner)

780 446 4581

OSCAR counts 1 Other. This item may or may not require payment.There is only one item submitted on this letter.

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