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Northshield LoI dated 2017-06-28

Greetings unto Emma Laurel, Alys Pellicane, Cormac Wreath, and the various members of the College of Arms, greetings from Merideth NiShionniach, Polaris Herald of Northshield, and her deputy Mira Fastova, Keythong Herald of Northshield.

What follows is June 2017 Letter of Intent for the Kingdom of Northshield.

We would like to thank all of the heralds, from within Kingdom and without, who contributed comments on OSCAR for the Northshield May Internal Letter of Intent.

This item was on the 09-2017 LoAR

1: Decimus Marius Tacitus - Resub Household Name

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in December of 2014, via Northshield.

Domus Lupi

No major changes.
Language (Latin) most important.
Culture (Roman) most important.

Submission History: Previous submission of <Domus Lupi> was returned on the September 2016 LOAR due to conflict with the heraldic title <Lupine Herald>, currently registered to Andreas of Green Village in February of 2014 (via Calontir). A letter of permission to conflict with that name, following the form in Appendix D of the Administrative Handbook, as follows:

I, [Legal name], known in the SCA as [Society name], give [Legal name of submitter], known in the SCA as Society name of submitter], permission for [his / her] name "[Submitted name]" to be similar to, but not identical to, my name, "[Registered name]". I understand that this permission cannot be withdrawn once [name of submitter]'s name is registered.

[Date] [Signature of [Legal name]]

The letter is included with the documents for this submission.

This household name is a Latinized form of an English sign name meaning House of the Wolf. An example of a fully Latinized inn-sign name was signum Ursi (at the sign of the bear), found in the raw data for Mari ingen Briain meic Donnchada, "English Sign Names: Raw Data", p 9 (

Romans had named inns with inn-signs, as documented by W. C. Firebaugh in "The Inns of Greece & Rome, and a History of Hospitality from the Dawn of Time to the Middle Ages", Chicago: Pascal Covici; 1928; pp. 157-171 (

Domus appears in "Harper Collins Latin Concise Dictionary" p 71, s.n. domus with the meaning "house (esp in town)". Domus has been registered as a household designator in the 02-2011 LOAR for "Domus Pugni Argentei" and in the 09-2013 LOAR for "Domus Millarii"

Lupi is the genitive singular case for wolf in Latin, per

This item was on the 09-2017 LoAR

2: Eva of Greenfield - New Alternate Name

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in January of 2008, via Northshield.

Milia Fiore

Submitter desires a feminine name.
No major changes.
Sound (Sounds like millia fee-oh-ray) most important.

Submission History/Kingdom Commentary Notes: Name was submitted as the alternate name <Milie Fiore> on the May 2017 Northshield kingdom letter. Based on commentary that indicated that <Milie> is the genetive form, the submitter was contacted and agreed that changing to <Milia> would be an appropriate course of action. (

Milia is found as a Latin name from Naples, Italy dated to 1522/1532 in DMES under Milia (

Fiore is an unmaked patronym listed as a male name from Florence, 1427, in "Italian Names Florance, 1427" (

In service to the Society, Northshield & the College of Arms

Honourable Lady Merideth NiShionniach

Mistress Mira Fastova

OSCAR counts 1 New Alternate Name. This item is chargeable, Laurel should receive $4 for it. OSCAR counts 1 Resub Household Name. This item is not chargeable. There are a total of 2 items submitted on this letter.

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