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Atenveldt LoP dated 2016-07-30



30 July 2016, A.S. LI

Kingdom of Atenveldt

Unto Their Royal Majesties Cosmo Craven and Elzbieta; Baroness Genevieve de Lironcourt, Aten Principal Herald; Heralds in the Atenveldt College of Heralds; Heralds in the S.C.A. College of Arms; and to All Whom These Presents Come,

Greetings from Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy, Brickbat Herald and Parhelium Herald for the Kingdom of Atenveldt!

This is the August 2016 Atenveldt Letter of Presentation; it precedes the Letter of Intent with submissions considered for the next Letter of Intent. Please have commentary to me by 15 August 2016.

1: Caell Robertson -Resub Device Change

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in June of 2013, via Atenveldt.

Sable, two bat-winged, scorpion-tailed lions combatant Or and a bordure rayonny argent.

Old Item: Per pale argent and sable, a dolmen counterchanged., to be retained as a badge.

The original submission of a new device change, Sable, a winged manticore gardant Or., was returned by Laurel December 2014 "for multiple conflicts. Blazoned on the Letter of Intent as a manticore, manticores in period heraldry do not have wings, and have the face or head of a man. This device presumes upon the important non-SCA arms of Belgium, Sable, a lion rampant Or., and of the important non-SCA arms of the Palatinate of the Rhine, Sable, a lion rampant Or crowned gules., both with a DC for the addition of the wings, but no difference granted for the tail. This device is also in conflict with the device of Cain du Lac, Sable, a winged cat rampant Or within an orle wreathed vert and Or. and the device of Cassandra Theodosius, Sable, a winged lion salient and a point pointed Or., both with a single DC for removing the secondary charge."

2: Elizabeth Æthelwulfes dohtor -New Badge

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in April of 2007, via Atenveldt.

Per pale gules and sable, a Kolovrat and in chief a coronet Or.

[This primary charge was brought up in Facebook's Heraldry Chat within the past month (a coincidence), but I don't think anything was determined if it was permitted or not.]

The client has a Court Baroncy 23 June 2012 and a County 7 November 2015; this is to be jointly registered with Morgan Aethelwulfes sunu (name registered April 2007; Court Baroncy 23 June 2012: County 7 November 2015). They are both entitled to display armory with a coronet.

The Kolovrat motif was uncovered in Mezine, Ukraine, carved on an ivory figurine; it dates back 12,000 years, and one of the earliest cultures that are known to have used the Swastika was a Neolithic culture in Southern Europe, in the area that is now Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, known as the Vinca Culture, which dates back around 8,000 years. ( (I don't have a great feeling about the use of this charge, but I'd be willing to send it on to see if I'm just being paranoid, or the CoA is against all aspects of a swastika.)

3: Mons Tonitrus, Barony of -New Badge

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in January of 1991, via Atenveldt.

Sable, a thunderbolt between flaunches argent all within a bordure denticulada counterchanged.

This is for the Order of the Silver Thunderbolt (name registered January 1991); it is in addition to the previously-registered badge for the Order, Sable, a thunderbolt between flaunches argent all within a bordure counterchanged.(registered January 1992).

4: Ulrica Anna of Twin Moons -New Name & New Device

Per pale argent and vert, a dragon segreant contourny sable and a dandelion blossom Or.

Submitter desires a feminine name.
Sound most important.

NO documentation at all was provided for the name, which is grounds for it being returned.

That being said, the closest I find to Ulrica/Ulrika is a post-period feminine Swedish name (all citations in Wikipedia are 1688 or later).

Ana (one -n-) can be documented as a Swedish female given name 1500-1600 in "Swedish Feminine Given Names from SMP," Aryanhwy merch Catmael (

Twin Moons is the client's home residence; the branch name was registered April 1993.

[The device submission form needs to fill the 9.5" x 12" piece of paper. The form was reduced to about 70% of the standard size, which made the emblazon less than the required 5" x 6" shield shape when printed.]

To those going to Pennsic, happy and safe trails to you! Don't feel as though you have to send home hundreds and hundreds of submissions! ;)

Marta as tu Mika-Mysliwy

c/o Linda Miku

2527 East 3rd Street

Tucson AZ 85716

OSCAR counts 1 Name, 1 Device, 1 Device Change and 2 Badges. There are a total of 5 items submitted on this letter.

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