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Middle ILoI dated 2016-06-14

Greetings unto Konrad, Dragon and Rouge Scarpe, and the commenting heralds of the Middle Kingdom. Enclosed are the submissions received in the Month of May, 2016. Commentary is due by July 14, 2016.



1: Aurelius Corvus Corvinus -New Name & New Device

Sable, a three headed dog passant and an orle Or.

Submitter desires a masculine name.

Aurelius - Found in Ursula George's article "Simple Guide to Imperial Roman Names" as a Nomen.

Pattern of Nomen, Cognomen, Cognomen from under "Later Developments" in the same article it says:

"Some Late Roman and Early Byzantine Name Constructions

After the Edict of Caracalla, the praenomen was no longer a useful status symbol. Praenomina were already rare in informal contexts; they became less and less important even in formal contexts, and were frequently omitted altogether.

People with high status in the later Roman/early Byzantine empire continued the practice of using the emperor's nomen; this makes Valerius (nomen of the late third-century emperor Diocletian) and Flavius (nomen of Constantine the Great, early fourth-century) especially popular, along with Aurelius. Many

early Byzantine names consist of Flavius or Flavia plus one or more cognomina.

The general rule that inherited names go first and personal names go last was used at least through the sixth century. For example, the formal name of the sixth-century bishop and historian Gregory of Tours was Georgius Florentius Gregorius: Gregory's grandfather was named Georgius, and his father was named Florentius. We also see Christian names such as Iohannes appearing as cognomina."

Corvus - Encyclopedia Britanica 1911 online Cognomen from MARCUS

VALERIUS CORVUS (c. 370-270 B.C.), Roman general of the early republican period.

Corvinius- Encyclopedia Britanica 1911 online Cognomen

MARCUS VALERIUS MESSALLA CORVINUS (64 B.C.-A.D. 8), Roman general, author and patron of literature and art.

2: Beatrix Beeman -New Name & New Device

Azure, on a chief triangular argent a templar cross vert, three bees proper.

Submitter desires a feminine name.
Language (English) most important.

Beatrix - "A Dictionary of English Surnames" Brian M. Scott - Feminine given names on St. Gabriel -

Beeman - "Oxford Dictionary of English Surnames", Reaney & Wilson, page 36

3: Brynhildr hin þormóða -New Name & New Device

Quarterly gules and Or, a tree blasted and eradicated counterchanged within a bordure sable.

Submitter desires a feminine name.
Meaning (Brynhildr the bold in Old Norse) most important.

Brynhildr - [Geirr Bassi] p. p. 9 s.n. Brynhildr

hin þormóða - The Bynames of the Viking Age Runic Inscriptions by Lindorm Eriksson has (nom) Þjóðríkr hinn þormóði meaning Þjóðríkr the bold dated to the V (Viking age) 9th c.

hin þormóða is the feminine construction of this byname.

4: Cynric of Greyhope -New Name & New Device

Sable, two estoile argent. One center point, one sinister point.

Submitter desires a masculine name.
No major changes.
Language most important.
Culture most important.

Cynric - "Onomasticon Anglo-saxonicum, A List of Anglo-Saxon Proper Names from the Time of Beda to that of King John" pg 213.

"The Anglo Saxon Chronicles" also lists Cynric, son of Cerdic.

Greyhope -

The above submission has images. To view them, see the URLs below:

5: Daffyd de Saer -New Name & New Device

Azure, a carpenter's square and a carpenter's square contourny in saltire argent.

No major changes.

Dafydd -"Snapshop of a Cantref: The Names and Naming Practices in a Mawddwy Court Roll of 1415-16" by Heather Rose Jones (a usually reliable source for Welsh naming practices per the prior Matins) . As Harpy states in her commentary on Dafydd ap Alun, "[t]he reference to "Dafydd" in the Mawddwy article is for the header form, not for a citation from the source (as the article clearly states). (The spelling found in the source is "Dauid", along with various diminutives.) Dafydd is the standard modern spelling of the name and would be plausible in late period, however finding an actual pre-1600 citation of this spelling might be difficult due to the tendency for high-frequency names that had English forms to be rendered in late period in their English forms even when written in an otherwise Welsh-language text." [Tangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn (Harpy) at 2008-12-04 00:13:28 (commentary on Dafydd ap Alun (Aug. 2009 Ealdormere), on the Ealdormere LoI for November 2008)]

Mawddwy Names 1415-6The material in this study comes from "A Mawddwy Court Roll, 1415-16" edited by Keith Williams-Jones in the Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies vol. 23 (1970). The original document is a record, in Latin, of the details of various legal actions, and it is the original document that has survived,… ·

This has Saer without the article.

Saer is found twice in a second generation patronymic in Names from Merioneth, 1453-1459 by Aryanhwy merch Catmael

Names from Merioneth, 1453-1459The following names of 292 men are taken from various Latin documents dated 31-37 Henry VI (1453-1459), relating to the records of inquisitions held for the county of Merioneth, Wales.

Aryanhwy Catmael

6: Guda Fuchs -New Name

Guda - GUDA Herman 15 June 1572 Trarbach Traben-Trarbach, Bayern, Rheinland, Germany

Fuchs - Martinas Casper FUCHS died 15 May 1585 Unterhausen (Oa. Reutlingen), Wurttemberg, Germany

7: Hrafn gráfeldr -New Name & New Device

Gyronny vert and Or, a fleur-de-lys within a bordure sable.

Culture (Norse) most important.
Spelling (Hrafn most important) most important.

Hrafn - [Geirr Bassi] p. p. 11 s.n. Hrafn

gráfeldr - Viking Bynames found in the Landnámabók by Aryanhwy merch Catmael

descriptive byname meaning grey cloak 1 occurance

8: Johannes Drechseldt -Resub Device

OSCAR finds the name on the Middle LoI of October 25, 2015 as submitted.

Quarterly gules and Or a cross between in bend two mascles counterchanged.

The original submission: "Quarterly Or and gules a cross between in bend two mascles counterchanged" was returned for conflict with William de Mont d'Or March of 2010 (via Atlantia): Quarterly Or and gules, a cross counterchanged, in the January 2016 ILoAR

9: Katherine Coscombe -New Badge

OSCAR finds the name on the Middle LoI of August 30, 2015 as submitted.

Per bend sable and vair.

10: Lette de Cherselawe -New Name

Submitter desires a feminine name.
Language most important.
Culture (12th - 15th C. England) most important.

Lette is listed as a variation of Lettice from "Feminine Given Names in A Dictionary of English Surnames" on the SCA Herald website.

de Cherselawe is listed in the Lancashire Pipe Rolls of Henry I (1130) and is in the Oxford Books of English Place Names.

11: Lettice Spindler -New Name & New Device

Sable, on a pile gules fimbriated Or, a drop spindle Or.

Submitter desires a feminine name.
Language (English) most important.
Meaning (Spinner) most important.

Lettice - Dictionary of Medieval Names fro European Sources

Spindler - 1236 - Oxford Dictionary of English Surnames, Reaney & Wilson, pg 421

12: Lorenzo De Genovése -New Name

Submitter desires a masculine name.

Both name elements can be found in the online book "Our Italian Surnames", screenshots were attached.

Lorenzo appears in "Dizionario dei Nomi Italiani" pg 238 (no photocopy included)

De Genovése appears in "Dizionario dei Cognomi Italiani" pg 134 (no photocopy included)

The above submission has images. To view them, see the URLs below:

13: Marjorie de ffeyrefeld -Resub Badge

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in October of 2000, via the Middle.

Fieldless, a lozenge per pale and per chevron sable and argent.

This is a resubmission. The original, "Fieldless, a lozenge per pale sable and argent" was returned in the December 2015 LoAR for conflict with

Ædric the Grene (January 1998, Atlantia): Per pale sable and vert.

14: Pferdestadt, Canton of -New Branch Name & New Device

Per saltire azure and gules, a horse rampant within a laurel wreath Or.

No major changes.
Language (German) most important.
Meaning most important.

Pferd- German word for Horse

Stadt - German word for City

A modern german speaker advised that Pferdestadt is grammatically correct.

A letter of populace support was included with this submission.

15: Raven de Lacy -New Alternate Name & New Device

OSCAR is unable to find the name, either registered or submitted.

Per fess embattled Or and sable, a phoenix sable enflamed gules and a Lacy knot Or.

Submitter desires a masculine name.

<Raven de Riding> in the Northumberland Pipe Rolls for 1233: r_esc=y#v=onepage&q=%22raven%20de%22%20filius&f=false

The Matthew Paris shields show entries like, e.g., "Obiit Walterus de Lacy", death of Walter de Lacy, 1241.

Correction to Alternate Name (2016-Jul-01 01:07:02): This is an alternate for Hrafn gráfeldr submitted above.

16: Rickard of Rivenvale -New Badge

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in November of 2011, via the Middle.

Per pale azure and vert, an estoile haloed by an orle Or.

17: Wendell of Dark River -New Badge

OSCAR finds the name on the Middle LoI of September 28, 2015 as submitted.

Fieldless a sea-griffon azure, armed gules.

18: Wendell of Dark River -New Badge

OSCAR finds the name on the Middle LoI of September 28, 2015 as submitted.

Per pale Or and gules, a bend counterchanged, overall a sea-griffon azure within a bordure of the same.

OSCAR counts 10 Names, 1 Alternate Name, 1 Branch Name, 10 Devices and 5 Badges. There are a total of 27 items submitted on this letter.

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