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An Tir KLOI dated 2015-10-28

Greetings unto the An Tir College!

Many exciting things happening in Tir Righ this past week. The call for a replacement Red Flame has been answered! As burnout was reaching critical mass I can't tell you how relieved I am. Mistress Alicia, a previous Red Flame is taking up the charge AND has two newer heralds who will be in training under her.

So this will be my last KLoI as <acting> Red Flame. Many thanks to all commenters who have assisted to keep me on track and a special thank you to Lions Blood who I couldn't have survived the last year without.

In Service,

Caitrina, Baroness Lions Gate

1: Hlíf Áskelsdóttir -Resub Device

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in October of 2014, via An Tir

Sable, on a pale gules fimbrated argent in chief an oak leaf between in fess two attires addorsed Or.

Original submission was returned by Kingdom for having the oak leaf and attires halfway between centered and in chief. Submitter decided 'in chief' was the desired position of the charge group.

Device was resubmitted in April 2015, no conflicts found at Kingdom and device was forwarded to Laurel May 31, 2015.

Device returned on Aug 2015 LoAR;

This device is returned for having two tertiary groups on the same charge: the leaf and the attires. As depicted, the leaf and the attires appear to be in separate tertiary charge groups on the pale. This issue might be resolved by making all the tertiary charges the same size or using only one type of tertiary charge. If both the leaf and the attires are important to the submitter, one type of charge could be moved to the field as a secondary charge.

Submitter decided on the option of making all the tertiary charges the same size.

OSCAR counts 1 Device. There are a total of 1 items submitted on this letter.

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