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Middle ILoI dated 2015-04-02

Greetings unto Edward Dragon, Konrad Rouge Scarpe, and the commenting heralds of the Middle Kingdom. Enclosed are the submissions received in the month of March 2015. Comments are due by May 2, 2015.



1: Áine ingen Uí Briain -New Device

OSCAR finds the name on the Middle LoI of July 30, 2014 as submitted.

Per bend argent and Or, a bend sable between a celtic knot vert and a dove proper on a branch vert.

2: Endlin von Baden -New Name & New Device

Quarterly vert and purpure, four mascules in saltire points to center Or.

Submitter desires a masculine name.
Culture (15th Century German) most important.

Endlin - German Names from 1495 by Aryanhwy merch Catmael. 24 occurrences.

von Baden - von Baden is a locative meaning "from Baden". The name (meaning "baths") refers to the warm mineral springs, particularly in the town of Baden-Baden, valued since Roman times. Baden first became a political unit in 1112.

Appollonia Von Baden was christened in 1619 in Speyer, Bavaria, batch C96331-1

It is more usual in German records to not capitalize the preposition.

Correction to Name (2015-Apr-03 09:04:59): Submitter wants a masculine name was checked in error on the form. This is a feminine name.

The address for German Names from 1495 is

3: Isabel la Sauvage -New Name & New Device

Purpure, a chevron argent semy of hearts sable between three bowls of fire Or.

Submitter desires a feminine name.
Sound (Iss-ah-bell lah sah-vahj) most important.

Isabel - "One occurnace" (Uckelman, "French Names from Paris, 1421, 1423, &1438",

la Sauvage - "Sauvage desc. from OFr sauvage, salvage, 'wild, savage, crazy'. le Sauvage 1292 Paris" (Uckelman, "Bynames in Medieval France",

4: Leif Monsson -New Name

Submitter desires a masculine name.
No changes.

Both <Leif> and <Mons> can be found in:

[Lind] Lind, E. H. Norsk-Isländska Dopnamn ock Fingerade Namn från Medeltiden.

Leif appears on pg 734, 5th row.

Mons appears on pg 755, 11th row.

As a patronymic, <Mons> becomes Monsson.

5: Lydia de Bequerel -Resub Device

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in April of 2011, via the Middle

Lozengy azure and Or, a lucy contourny haurient argent.

Original device : Lozengy Or and azure, a lucy haurient embowed argent"

returned for conflict with James the Fisher, "Vert, a fish haurient embowed maintaining a sword bendwise sinister and a shield argent." in the April 2011 LoAR.

6: Octavio Gonzalez de Castill -New Name & New Device

Checky gules and Or, a saltire raguly argent overall a heart sable.

No major changes.
Client requests authenticity for 16th Century Spain.
Language (Spanish) most important.
Culture (16th Century) most important.

Octavio - "Octavio De Alta Arriba" Christening Date: 21 Feb 1580

Gonzalez - 16th Century Spanish Names by Elspeth Ann Roth

Castil - Spanish Names from the Late 15th Century

7: Taddea d'Avito Delpace -New Name

No major changes.
Client requests authenticity for late 14th- early 15th century Italian.
Language (Italian) most important.
Culture most important.
Meaning most important.


Patronymic: d'Avito -

Byname: Delpace -

Documentation Citation: Online Catasto of 1427. Version 1.3 Edited by David Herlihy, Christiane Klapisch-Zuber, R. Burr Litchfield and Anthony Molho. [Machine readable data file based on D. Herlihy and C. Klapisch-Zuber, Census and Property Survey of Florentine Domains in the Province of Tuscany, 1427-1480] Florentine Renaissance Resouces/STG: Brown University, Providence, R.I., 2002.

8: Thorfinnr Thengilsson -New Device

OSCAR thinks the name is registered as Þórfinnr Þengilsson in November of 2012, via the Middle.

Argent a chevron gules, three dexter hands couped two and one gules.

While this does appear to resemble the Red Hand of Ulster (an augmentation), which is restricted, it is being used as a primary charge of three hands (2 and 1).

Excerpt from August 1992 LoAR:

As precedent notes:

There was some concern whether this was too reminiscent of the Red Hand of Ulster, a prohibited charge in the SCA. It turns out that the Red Hand of Ulster was used as an augmentation, not as a main charge. We would certainly return a device that used a canton argent charged with a hand gules, and perhaps even a chief argent charged with a hand gules would be too suggestive, but the use of red hands, gloves, gauntlets, etc, on white backgrounds is not, in and of itself, cause for return. (LoAR August 1992, s.n. Guillaume de la Rapiére [Atenveldt]).

OSCAR counts 5 Names and 6 Devices. There are a total of 11 items submitted on this letter.

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