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Outlands LoP dated 2012-07-10

Outlands College of Heralds

July 10, 2012 From the Office of the Castle Herald

Sayyidah Khalidah bint Yahya'a

Unto the Outlands College of Heralds, our respected friends and colleagues who give freely of their time to provide commentary, and all others who come by these letters, on this 10th day of July, A.S. XLVII (2012 CE), does Sayyidah Khalidah bint Yahya'a send greetings on behalf of Mistress Fiachra ni Ciardhubhain, White Stag Principal Herald.It would assist Castle Herald greatly in the future if you would e-mail a copy of the documentation summary for name submissions along with the paper copies. It saves having to re-type everything again. Also, please be sure that you include dates of registration and return for armory for previously registered names and resubmissions of any kind. If Castle can't find where an item was returned, it may be pended until the information is provided or payment is made for a new submission.

Here follows the Kingdom of the Outlands' Letter of Presentation for July 2012. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Errors found herein are my sole responsibility. Anyone may comment upon the items found herein, and e-mail commentary to the herald's commentary list is encouraged. Please have comments on items contained herein to Rampart Herald by August 14, 2012, for the decision meeting tentatively scheduled for August 15, 2012. As a reminder, the College of Arms requests commentary on all items, including appeals.

1: Adriana de Rodas y Lopes -New Name & New Device

Party per pale, waves argent and azure within a bordure Or, 7 crescents argent and gules, a wolf rampant sable and a tower argent

Submitter desires a feminine name.
Culture (15th-16th Century Spain) most important.

Submitter only provided a summary but no documentation or links to support summary.

[Adriana] - origin Latin (Hadria). Most common in Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. Recorded use before 1600s.

[Rodas] - Spanish form of Isle of Rhodes. Rhodes (Rodas) has commerce with much of Europe after 1309 and was attacked by Egypt and Turkey in the 1400s during the Spanish "Reconquista".

[Lopes] - medieval form of current 'Lópes, from the Latin nickname, Lupus "wolf"

[Use of de and y] - the Spanish preposition "de" (of) is used as a conjunction of two surnames or "de" can be applied to the place name from which the ancestors originated, and the Spanish "y" (and) was adopted in the 16th century to distinguish a person's surnames. For example, Luis de Góngora y Argote (1561-1627)

2: Barberry Bramble -Resub Device

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in May of 2011, via the Outlands

Sable, per chevron argent a strawberry bendwise to sinister proper, overall a wreath of thorns counterchanged

Previous device, Per chevron sable and argent, in base a strawberry bendwise sinister proper within a wreath of thorns counterchanged, was returned on the March 2012 LoAR ( with the following:

{This device is returned for violating section VII.7.b of the Rules for Submissions, which requires that "[e]lements must be reconstructible in a recognizable form from a competent blazon." The strawberry here is large enough to be the primary charge, yet is not centered on the field, while its surrounding secondary charge is. Blazoned on the Letter of Intent as overall a wreath of thorns counterchanged, the wreath of thorns does not overlap any other charge, so is not an overall charge by definition. As it is difficult to describe the placement of both the strawberry and its encircling wreath of thorns upon the field, this cannot be blazoned adequately and so must be returned.

Please advise the submitter that there would be no contrast violation if the strawberry were placed in the center of the field, as the field is technically neutral and does not share a tincture with the strawberry, and that would likewise solve the blazonability problem.}

Previous device, Sable, on a pile inverted argent, a strawberry bendwise to sinister proper, overall a wreath of thorns, counterchanged, was returned on the February 2011 LoR ( stating the following:

{This must be returned for counterchanging a complex charge over an ordinary. Per the collected precedents of Jaelle of Armida (, "The only time we permit a charge to be counterchanged over another is when they are both ordinaries. (Shire of Crystal Crags, 12/98 p. 13)}

3: Emily MacRae -New Name

No major changes.
Sound most important.
Spelling most important.

[Emily] - Submitter's given name. Copy of Driver's License provided.

[MacRae] - The History of the Clan Macrae with Genealogies, Alexander MacRae. Wandsworth Common, London. 1910. Pg. 4 (Scan of page provided); Scottish Clans & Tartans, Ian Gimble. London, UK, Lomand Books. Pg. 206-207 (Scan of pages provided); Clans and Tartans. HaperCollins, Westerhill Road, Bishopbriggs, Glascow. (Scan of page provided)

The above submission has images. To view them, see the URLs below:

4: Estevan de Sepúlveda -New Name & New Device

Argent, a chevron per pale sable and azure between four swords sable and a wyvern segreant azure

Submitter desires a masculine name.
No major changes.
Sound most important.
Meaning most important.

[Estevan] - 'Spanish Names from the Late 15th Century', Juliana de Luna (

[de Sepúlveda] - 'Juan Ginés de Sepúlveda (1547)', Digital History (; 'Juan Ginés de Sepúlveda (1494-1573)', Archaeology (

5: Sabyn Edwards -Resub Device

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in November of 2009, via the Outlands

Per pale vert and purpure, a dragonfly and two mullet within a bordure argent

Previous device, Per pale vert and purpure a dragonfly within a bordure argent, was withdrawn by the submitter from the April 2012 LoI ( due to potential conflicts.

Previous device, Per pale vert and purpure, a dragonfly argent, was returned on the November 2009 LoAR ( stating the following:

{This device is returned for conflict with the device of Mairghread Maire Draigdaimhalachd, Per saltire azure and vert, a dragonfly tergiant displayed argent, orbed Or. There is a single CD for the changes to the field.}

Submitter added a bordure to add another CD.

Thus ends the July 2012 Letter of Presentation.

In Service,

Sayyidah Khalidah bint Yahya'a

Castle Herald

OSCAR counts 3 Names and 4 Devices. There are a total of 7 items submitted on this letter.

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