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East ILoI dated 2012-03-27

Greetings - here are two items that were in the Pennsic Limbo pile.

Please return comments by April 21, 2012. We'll merge them onto a single xLoI when the time comes.


Lillia de Vaux

1: Gunnvǫr hausakljúfr -Resub Device

OSCAR thinks the name is registered as Gunnvor hausakljúfr in January of 2011, via the East.

Gules, three cats courant in annulo contourny, a point pointed argent.

Her prior device submission, Gules, three cats courant in annulo contourny argent was returned on the Jan. 2011 LoAR (East):

This device is returned for conflict with the device of Elspet NicDhubhghlaise bean Iain MhicThomaidh, Azure, three domestic cats statant guardant in annulo argent, each biting the tail of the previous, reblazoned elsewhere in this letter. There is a single CD for the field. There would normally be a CD for the difference between statant and courant. However, the feet of Elspet's cats are nearly nonexistent and in this arrangement the tails mimic the appearance of stretched out legs. No difference is granted for the orientation of charges in annulo.

(Note: the o-ogonek in the given name is present in the LoAR, so the header spelling is correct.)

2: Leo Rennari Thorson -New Name

Language ('wants English usage of names in period') most important.
Culture ('wants English usage of names in period') most important.

This was a lost submission from Pennsic 2009 that never made it to kingdom until Pennsic 2011. We were waiting for payment for his device from Pennsic 2011, but are moving this on in the meantime rather than make him wait any longer for a name.

Leo is a masculine given name dated 1273 in Withycombe, s.n. Leo.

Rennari 'runner, messenger' is a nickname in Geirr Bassi, p. 26, cited from the Islending a segur (Family Sagas). By precedent, it should be all lowercase.

Thorson is a hypothetical Scandinavian or Anglo-Scandinavian patronym, based on filius Thor, dated 1133-53 in Fellows Jensen, s.n. Þorr. The genitive -s may need to be added.

The combination of English and Old Norse is a step from period practice.

The submitter allows intermediate changes.

Standard Bibliography:

[Fellows Jensen] Gillian Fellows Jensen. Scandinavian Personal Names in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire. (I'm guessing this is the right book. Copies weren't provided by Heralds Point.)

[Geirr Bassi] Geirr Bassi Haraldsson. The Old Norse Name.

[Withycombe] Withycombe, E.G. Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names.

OSCAR counts 1 Name and 1 Device. There are a total of 2 items submitted on this letter.

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