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An Tir KLOI from Tir Righ dated 2022-08-14

Greetings unto Black Lion, Lions Blood and the College of Heralds. Please find herein this month's submissions for Tir Righ.

I must beg the indulgence of the commentary crew over the lateness of this months letter. I am prepping for Courtier Trials and fell behind this month.

Commentary on this letter closes on September 7st, 2022.

Commentators, please cite references to SENA when noting problems. Please provide executive summaries for any extended commentary. Thank you.

1: Contze Villicus -New Name (NP) & New Device

Per pale checky sable and argent and azure, an alphyn rampant Or within a bordure counterchanged gules and checky argent and sable.

Submitter desires a gender-neutral name.
Sound most important.
Language/Culture most important.

Tir Righ Submission

Submitter is from Cold Keep

Contze is a German male given name dated to the 15th Century found at Talan Gwynek, Late Period German Masculine Given Names


Villicus is a German male given surname dated 1327, Guntram von Wolkenstein, German Names from Kocise, 1307 - 1505


Tir Righ Submission

Submitter is from Cold Keep

In Heraldic Service

Elspeth Farre

Red Flame Herald

OSCAR counts 1 Name and 1 Device. There are a total of 2 items submitted on this letter.