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Welcome! Please feel free to comment on any open letters!

Ansteorra letters open for comment:

Ansteorra ILoI issued 2023-11-03 ending 2023-12-10
Ansteorra ILoI issued 2023-12-04 ending 2024-01-10

Ansteorra News:

By Eirik Halfdanarson, 2017-07-19 15:11:50

The Society Seneschal has posted a harassment policy at http://socsen.sca.org/the-sca-harrassment-and-bullying-policy/. Please continue to be nice to each other. If you feel like there is a problem that you have with the commentary, please contact Star Principal Herald.

By Sara Penrose, 2014-12-05 11:32:54

I would like to remind all commenters that we are not permitted to post any personal identifying information (PII) on OSCAR. This includes legal names and signatures, such as might be found in a Letter of Permission to Conflict. If you need to provide LoPtC info, please summarize it for your commentary (without PII) and send any signed forms directly to Asterisk and Bordure via email.

First violations of this rule will result in a warning from me. Second violations will result in the removal of your commenting privileges.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Sara Star

By Eirik Halfdanarson, 2014-06-02 09:23:29
Greetings, the internal letters will now be published on the second of the month to match the letter date with the ILoI month.

Eirik Halfdanarson

By Andrewe Bawldwyn, 2013-08-31 18:09:18
Greetings unto the College of Heralds!

Congratulations go out to Master Alden Drake, who was given membership into the Order of the Pelican at Laurel's Prize Tournament! Master Alden has been a longtime member and worker in the College, and I am delighted to congratulate Him on his accomplishment!

Read the rest of the missive here: https://oscar.sca.org/s.php?u=2473 [ lists.ansteorra.org ]

By Andrewe Bawldwyn, 2013-08-03 13:20:25
Greetings and Salutations unto the Diverse members of Ansteorra's College of Heralds!

I hope everyone is doing very well! We are in the midst of the very heat of summer, but the fall tourney season is not far off! Please do stay hydrated if you contribute to field or voice heraldry in some way.

Read the rest of the missive at: https://oscar.sca.org/s.php?u=2474 [ lists.ansteorra.org ]

By Eirik Halfdanarson, 2013-07-15 08:57:11
Greetings, Lady Alisone McKay will be my successor as Bordure. As announced this weekend, we will transition the office over the next few months with the goal of having her doing everything by September of this year.

Eirik Halfdanarson

By Eirik Halfdanarson, 2012-10-31 18:35:56
The deadline for commentary for the November ILoI will be December 1, 2012 to allow for an early decision meeting.

By Eirik Halfdanarson, 2012-04-03 13:01:06
Commentary deadline should always be the 10th day of the following month. If it is changed a notice will be posted here and on the letter.

Kingdom letters no longer open for comment:

Ansteorra ILoI issued 2023-10-10 and ended 2023-11-10
Ansteorra ILoI issued 2023-09-10 and ended 2023-10-10
Ansteorra ILoI issued 2023-08-10 and ended 2023-09-10
Ansteorra ILoI issued 2023-07-10 and ended 2023-08-10
Ansteorra ILoI issued 2023-06-09 and ended 2023-07-10
Ansteorra ILoI issued 2023-05-31 and ended 2023-05-31
Ansteorra ILoI issued 2023-05-10 and ended 2023-06-10
Ansteorra ILoI issued 2023-04-10 and ended 2023-05-10
Ansteorra ILoI issued 2023-03-06 and ended 2023-04-10
Ansteorra ILoI issued 2023-02-10 and ended 2023-03-10
Ansteorra ILoI issued 2023-01-10 and ended 2023-02-10
Ansteorra ILoI issued 2022-12-10 and ended 2023-01-10
Ansteorra ILoI issued 2022-11-10 and ended 2022-12-10
Ansteorra ILoI issued 2022-10-02 and ended 2022-11-10
Ansteorra ILoI issued 2022-09-06 and ended 2022-10-06
Ansteorra ILoI issued 2022-08-12 and ended 2022-09-12
Ansteorra ILoI issued 2022-07-05 and ended 2022-08-05
Ansteorra ILoI issued 2022-06-21 and ended 2022-07-21
Ansteorra ILoI issued 2022-04-11 and ended 2022-05-11
Ansteorra ILoI issued 2022-03-17 and ended 2022-04-17
Ansteorra ILoI issued 2021-11-13 and ended 2021-12-13
Ansteorra ILoI issued 2021-10-11 and ended 2021-11-11
Ansteorra ILoI issued 2021-09-11 and ended 2021-10-11
Ansteorra ILoI issued 2021-07-10 and ended 2021-08-10
Ansteorra Kingdom ILoI issued 2021-06-03 and ended 2021-07-10
Ansteorra ILoI issued 2021-04-24 and ended 2021-06-10
Ansteorra Kingdom ILoI issued 2021-04-02 and ended 2021-05-08
Ansteorra ILoI issued 2021-03-06 and ended 2021-04-10
Ansteorra ILoI issued 2021-01-03 and ended 2021-02-10
Ansteorra Kingdom ILoI issued 2020-12-07 and ended 2021-01-10