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By Dyrfinna Tonnudottir, 2023-06-09 08:36:44

Some general housekeeping -

1. Calontir is still requiring the black and white line drawings for badges and devices at this time. Please make sure that those are included in your submissions.

2. We are gladly sending PayPal invoices for submissions. If your client would like to be invoiced, please indicate the email address that they would prefer to use in your submission and we will take care of the rest!

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you need anything at all.

Yours in Service, Dyrfinna Tonnudottir, Eyas

By Zaneta Baseggio, 2021-04-20 10:13:01
Greetings good gentles from Zaneta Gold Falcon!

I am humbled to be chosen to serve as the 22nd Gold Falcon Herald. I will do my best to follow in the steps of those that have come before me and leave a path for those that will come after. I have been a herald since my first event and it has been a cornerstone of my participation in the SCA. During my tenure, I hope to share some of my enthusiasm with new and senior heralds. My goal is to make the art and science of heraldry accessible to everyone.

Interested in learning more about heraldry? Please reach out! We have all been in the same position. I would be more than happy to help you on your first steps as a herald. My favorite part of the SCA is helping someone find their Thing. Heraldry is one of my Things. Maybe it's one of yours too.

Please Remember: Internal letters are a great place for those learning about the submission process to practice commentary. Excessive negative commentary will result in your removal. If you have any questions or are interested in commenting, please email [email protected]

By Zaneta Baseggio, 2021-04-20 10:08:37

Calontir decision meetings are held on the 4th Monday in a month barring holidays. The meetings decide whether items move from the Internal letter to the External letter. The External letter should be published the first week of the next month.

Kingdom letters no longer open for comment:

Calontir ILoI issued 2023-11-05 and ended 2023-12-05
Calontir ILoI issued 2023-09-27 and ended 2023-10-30
Calontir ILoI issued 2023-08-28 and ended 2023-09-30
Calontir ILoI issued 2023-07-31 and ended 2023-08-31
Calontir ILoI issued 2023-06-30 and ended 2023-07-31
Calontir ILoI issued 2023-06-09 and ended 2023-07-09
Calontir ILoI issued 2023-05-09 and ended 2023-06-09
Calontir ILoI issued 2023-04-05 and ended 2023-05-05
Calontir ILoI issued 2023-03-04 and ended 2023-04-04
Calontir ILoI issued 2023-02-04 and ended 2023-03-04
Calontir ILoI issued 2022-12-29 and ended 2023-01-29
Calontir ILoI issued 2022-11-26 and ended 2022-12-26
Calontir ILoI issued 2022-10-31 and ended 2022-11-30
Calontir ILoI issued 2022-10-03 and ended 2022-11-03
Calontir ILoI issued 2022-10-02 and ended 2022-11-02
Calontir ILoI issued 2022-08-01 and ended 2022-09-01
Calontir ILoI issued 2022-07-02 and ended 2022-08-02
Calontir ILoI issued 2022-05-31 and ended 2022-07-01
Calontir ILoI issued 2022-04-30 and ended 2022-05-30
Calontir ILoI issued 2022-02-28 and ended 2022-03-28
Calontir ILoI issued 2022-01-29 and ended 2022-03-01
Calontir ILoI issued 2022-01-01 and ended 2022-02-01
Calontir ILoI issued 2021-12-01 and ended 2022-01-01
Calontir ILoI issued 2021-11-01 and ended 2021-12-01
Calontir ILoI issued 2021-10-01 and ended 2021-11-01
Calontir ILoI issued 2021-08-29 and ended 2021-09-29
Calontir ILoI issued 2021-07-28 and ended 2021-08-28
Calontir ILoI issued 2021-07-01 and ended 2021-08-01
Calontir ILoI issued 2021-05-29 and ended 2021-06-29
Calontir ILoI issued 2021-04-29 and ended 2021-05-29