Middle LoI dated 2018-06-30


This is a special letter to forward an item to Laurel with a Chinese dragon, to meet the registration deadline.

1: Gan Baavgai - New Name & New Device

Or, an oriental dragon statant bendwise sinister gules.

Submitter desires a masculine name.

<Gan> - 'Steel' http://heraldry.sca.org/names/mongol.html

<Baavgai> - 'Bear' http://heraldry.sca.org/names/mongolian_names_marta.html

Ursula Georges (Palimpsest) pointed out that Marta's article has a typo: Budang means "boar", not "bear". The Mongol name meaning "bear" is Baavgai, also found in Marta's article. The submitter wishes to use the name that means "Bear", so is asking to have their submission changed to <Gan Baavgai>.

The submitter has approved this redraw after Kingdom Commentary.

Correction to Device (2018-Jul-12 17:07:41): There is a new emblazon to make the dragon a more period posture, and to correct the issue of too many toes.

Correction to Device (2018-Jul-12 18:07:57): The new emblazon is in the comments, the submitter has approved this change, and the form has been updated to reflect the new artwork.

Thank you!

Estelle Rouge Scarpe

OSCAR counts 1 New Name and 1 New Device. These 2 items are chargeable, Laurel should receive $8 for them. There are a total of 2 items submitted on this letter.