Æthelmearc LoI dated 2018-03-12

Greetings unto Juliana Laurel, Alys Pelican, Cormac Wreath, and the College of Arms of the Known World from Madoc Garnet and Saiman Cornelian. This is Æ202, external letter of intent. It is the intent of the Garnet office to register the following elements:

1: Benedict Fergus atte Mede - New Badge

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in June of 2003, via Æthelmearc.

(Fieldless) A salamander contourny argent flamed proper.

Herald of Record: Helena Mutzhasen

The original submission had flames that were not drawn as proper and were not conjoined to the salamander. The badge was redrawn following kingdom commentary, and the client has approved the new artwork.

2: Claude du Vivier - New Name

Submitter desires a masculine name.
No major changes.
Sound (Clawd doo Vivv- ee- yay) most important.
Language (French) most important.
Culture (French) most important.

Herald of Record: Helena Mutzhasen

Claude: "Names from Lallaing 1384 - 1600: Masculine Given Names" by Domhnall na Moicheirghe/Donald Campbell (http://heraldry.sca.org/names/lallaing/lallaing_names_masculine_given.html), Header Name: Claude; Entry Name: Claude; No. 12; Range: 1524-1581.

du Vivier: "Names from Lallaing 1384 - 1600: Bynames" by Domhnall na Moicheirghe/Donald Campbell (http://heraldry.sca.org/names/lallaing/lallaing-names-bynames.html), Header Name: du Vivier; Entry Name: du Vivier; No. 2; Range: 1473.

3: Rhys Penbras ap Dafydd - New Badge

OSCAR finds the name on the Æthelmearc LoI of September 21, 2016 as submitted.

(Fieldless) A raven contourny within and conjoined to an annulet Or.

Herald of Record: Eleanor Godwin

Client's previous submission, (Fieldless) A raven contourny Or was returned at kingdom in September 2017 for conflict with John Aquila of Eaglesdown (device, Aug 1978): Purpure, an eagle close to sinister Or, since by precedent "we do not grant difference between a raven close and an eagle close." (Nicolas Coulon, http://heraldry.sca.org/loar/2012/12/12-12lar.html#174). The addition of the conjoined annulet clears this conflict.

"It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade." --Charles Dickens

Madoc Garnet

Saiman Cornelian

OSCAR counts 1 New Name and 2 New Badges. These 3 items are chargeable, Laurel should receive $12 for them. There are a total of 3 items submitted on this letter.