Lochac LoI dated 2017-12-11

Unto the Lochac College of Heralds and those of the known world does Lord Gunther Boese, Rocket Herald send greetings.

This is a special letter of intent to change the registration of the following badge.

1: Lochac, Kingdom of - New Badge

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in October of 2002, via Lochac.

Quarterly azure and argent, on a cross gules four mullets of six points.

This submission is to be associated with Populace badge and Augmentation of Arms source.

It is the intent of this submission to register this populace badge as the source for all Augmentations of Arms in the Kingdom of Lochac. Augmentations may use all or part there of of this populace badge. Augmentations from Lochac should not contain a wreath or crown.

Correction to Badge (2017-Dec-17 20:12:27): The badge is already registered as a populace badge for Lochac.

Yours in service to Lochac

Gunther Rocket

OSCAR counts 1 New Badge. This item is chargeable, Laurel should receive $4 for it. There is only one item submitted on this letter.