Gleann Abhann LoI dated 2017-11-14

Greetings from Evlaliia Ruby Deputy and Skaia Ruby during these unusually cool days!

1: Asa Chotia - Resub Name

Submitter desires a feminine name.
No major changes.
Language (Late Period Indian) most important.
Culture (Late Period Indian) most important.

Asa: 'Rajput Women's Names', by Lisa Darcy. upon page 3 as rediscovered by the entirely too lovely and excellent ffride wlffsdotter

Chotia: Legal Name Allowance (Maiden Name) as per PN.1.B.2.e of SENA. Birth certificate seen and attested by Purple Falcon Herald Brigida von Müchen, Golem Deputy Herald Geneviefve d'Estelle, and Ruby Herald Groza Novgorodskaia called Skaia.

Consulting onomastic herald(s): Golem Deputy Herald Geneviefve d'Estelle

This is a resub as it was returned on the January 2017 LoAR [] for not having the name attested. This has been corrected. Purple Falcon Herald Brigida von Müchen attested to having seen the birth certificate on the internal letter and Ruby Herald Groza Novgorodskaia does as well as a Maiden Name.

2: Gunnulf hvitskeggr - Resub Device

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in September of 2015, via Gleann Abhann.

Vert, an anchor fouled of is chain between three escallops argent.

This is a new version of a device that was returned in the 05-2017 LoAR ( for modifying the shield shape.

It was mentioned in internal commentary that the anchor could stand to be shrunk a bit, but as there was nothing actually wrong with it, we have left it to the Grand and Glorious Wreath to decide.

3: Medb ingen Dáire - Resub Device

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in July of 2016, via Gleann Abhann.

Per chevron vert and azure, two acorns slipped and leaved and a raven rising wings displayed Argent.

This is a resub from 07-2016 LoAR ( The multiple issues noted in that return: unity of posture and orientation, identifiable charges, and chevron height, have all (hopefully) been well addressed here in this redraw and resub.

4: Morgana Dragonetti - Resub Device

OSCAR finds the name on the Gleann Abhann LoI of September 09, 2017 as submitted.

Argent, a wyvern vert and a wyvern azure combattant tails entwined

This is a resub of device from Gleann Abhann GA iLOI dated 2016-10-20 (

The device was submitted the first time under the name Æthellind Leifsdóttir which is being changed under current name.

5: Morgana Dragonetti - New Badge

OSCAR finds the name on the Gleann Abhann LoI of September 09, 2017 as submitted.

(Fieldless) A wyvern vert and a wyvern azure combattant tails entwined

6: Motan the Mongol - New Name & New Badge

(Fieldless) A monkey passant contourny Or.

Submitter desires a masculine name.


Chapter VIII.--The reigns of Jám Feróz Sammah and Mirzá Sháh Beg Arghún starting on page 64 that contain Motan

A History of Sind, Volume II, Translated from Persian Books by Mirza Kalichbeg Fredunbeg

Mongol, n. and adj." OED Online. Oxford University Press, June 2017. Web. 3 July 2017.


- The Sama Kingdom of Sindh(Historical Studies) Copiled by Ghulam Muhammad Lakho. Institute of Sindhisology Publication No, 189. Jamshoro, Sindhi University of Sindhi, 2006. p 120, 121,122,124,126(in Shaheed Mubarkal Khan by Dr. An ser Zahid Khan

- Lari, Suhailzaheer, A history of Sindhi, Oxford; Oxford University, 1994. Chapter 11 :the Last Samma,p86-87 Matin?Motan Chapter 12 The Arghuns, p 100-101

-The Battle of Fatehpur (1519) Wikipedia. Battle of Talti, Motan Klan Lashavri

- A history of Sind, Vloume 2, translated from Persian books by Miza Kalich by Fredonby.

karachi: printed at the Commissimerr's press 1902. chapter 8 - the reigns of Jaim Feroz Sammah and Mirza Shah by Arghun p 64,66

Mongo N,ADJ. OED Online, Oxford University, June 2017. Web. 3July 2017.

a- A member of any of a number of closly related Asiatic peoples now chiefly inhabiting Mongolia, a Mongolian. 1613 s. purchase pilgrimage iv,ix,336 the great Mongols

7: Rory ua Riada - New Heraldic Title

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in May of 1989, via Meridies.

Midsomer Herald

Awarded in Cover letter of August 2015 LoAR

Juliana de Luna - Heraldic Titles from the Middle Ages and Renaissance: Overview -

Midsumer - R&W s.n. Midsummer, p.309, John Midsummer 1224 Cur(So)

Midsomer - Midsomer County, England (fictional location) -

Somerset Herald - registered to Great Britian (8/87) via Laurel.

- English Title is locative in origin, derived from a noble

title -

Yours in Service

Skaia Ruby

Evlaliia Ruby Deputy

OSCAR counts 1 New Name, 1 New Heraldic Title and 2 New Badges. These 4 items are chargeable, Laurel should receive $16 for them. OSCAR counts 1 Resub Name and 3 Resub Devices. These 4 items are not chargeable. There are a total of 8 items submitted on this letter.