Atlantia LoI dated 2017-09-29

Unto Juliana Laurel, Cormac Wreath, and Alys Pelican, greetings from Atlantia!

It is our intent to register the following items.

My thanks to the following heralds, who took the time to comment this month:

Adelaide de Beaumont, Coblaith Muimnech, Daya Speyerin (Gopher), Elena Wyth (Bordure), Etienne Le Mons(Sea Stag), ffride wlffsdotter, Gabriel James West, Gunnvor silfraharr (Orle), Iago ab Adam, Kolosvari Arpadne Julia, Kryss Kostarev, Magnus von Lübeck, Seraphina Delfino (Ragged Staff), Sigrith Vigdisardaater, and the Nottinghill Coill/Border Vale Keep Commenting Group, which consisted of Etienne Sea Stag, Brynna of Aelfstanbury, and Dreux d'Anjou. Thanks also to Alisoun Metron Ariston, who despite difficulties due to a rather large storm in her area, managed to get additional commentary to me after the internal Letter had closed.

1: Alexa de Montoya - Resub Name

Alexa is found in Family Search Historical Records
Alexa Anastasia Monicha Vilar Or Sagas, Female, christened on 28 Dec 1589 in Torroella de Montgri, Gerona, Spain Batch #C89234-1

de Montoya is found in "16th Century Spanish Names" by Elsbeth Anne Roth (Kathy Van Stone) de Montoya is a locative surname
Juan Ortiz de Montoya (1539, III.46), Hernando de Montoya (1560, IV.111), Francisco de Montoya (1571, V.3311), Pedro de Montoya (1574, V.3648), Agustin de Montoya (1574, V.3764)

Submission History:

This is a resubmission after the June 2017 Laurel return of the submitter's previous submission, "Alexa of Cheshire":

This name was withdrawn by the submitter after the close of commentary.

2: Alianor atte Red Swanne - New Badge

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in June of 2000, via Atlantia.

(Fieldless) Two ravens striking combatant maintaining in talon a hand axe gules

This submission is to be associated with Hrefna in rauða Þorgrimsdottir

Originally submitted under the alternate name Hrefna in rauða Þorgrimsdottir, we have edited the forms and OSCAR entry to reflect the correct filing name.

3: Drogo Rainulf de Dragonera - New Badge

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in January of 1995, via Atlantia.

(Fieldless) On a mullet of seven points sable a coronet Or pearled argent.

Regarding the restricted charge of "a coronet pearled", Drogo was made a court baron by Christoph I and Adelhait I at Ponte Alto Baronial Investiture on 2/20/2016.

4: Eagdyth the Archer - New Device

OSCAR finds the name on the Atlantia LoI of April 30, 2017 as submitted.

Azure, an owl rising argent maintaining a crescent pendant and a chief Or semy of arrows palewise azure

5: Eoin de Barri - New Device

OSCAR finds the name on the Atlantia LoI of September 30, 2016 as submitted.

Or, scaly vert, three piles in point argent

6: Feodosiia Alekseeva zhena - New Device Change

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in March of 2011, via Atlantia.

Azure, a gore Or ermined purpure and a sirin harpy rising facing dexter argent, crined or

Old Item: Purpure, a fox passant argent and a chief embattled ermine., to be retained as a badge.

There is a step from period practice for the use of a gore in combination with any other charge.

7: Finn O'Donovan - New Badge

OSCAR thinks the name is registered as Finn O'Donovan in July of 1998, via Atlantia.

Argent, a spear sable between flaunches gules, a bordure sable

8: Johanna le Paumer - New Device Change

OSCAR finds the name on the Atlantia LoI of January 31, 2017 as submitted.

Argent, on a chevron between three hawks rising azure jessed gules and belled Or, three fleurs-de-lys argent

Old Item: Per chevron azure and argent, two crosses crosslet fitchy Or and a hawk rising azure, a bordure counterchanged, to be released.

9: Johanna le Paumer - New Badge

OSCAR finds the name on the Atlantia LoI of January 31, 2017 as submitted.

(Fieldless) A hart lodged sable, attired and charged on the shoulder with a fleur-de-lys Or.

10: Klaus Jager - New Badge

OSCAR thinks the name is registered as Klaus Jäger in September of 2014, via Atlantia.

(Fieldless) A rapier inverted sable, overall an edelweiss proper.

11: Knútr Vakrsson - New Name

Submitter desires a masculine name.


GB p. 12 s.n. Knutr; NR s.n. Knútr

This name is found both as a personal name and as a by-name in Old Danish and Old Swedish as Knut and in OW.Norse as Knútr. From the OW.Norse noun knútr "knot." Runic examples include the nominative forms knutr, kunt, the genitive forms knus, knuts, the dative forms knuti, kuti, and the accusative form knut.


Patronymic of Vakr

GB p. 15 s.n. Vakr

This name appears in Hrana saga hrings and is also used as one of the by-names of the god Óðinn in Gylfaginning, where it means "the watchful; the vigilant."

Lind col. 1064 sn. Vakr gives the (normalised) genitive as Vakrs.

12: Lochmere, Barony of - New Order Name & New Badge

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in May of 1989, via Atlantia.

Order of the Azure Heron

A heron volant azure

No major changes.
Meaning (for award with badge of blue heron) most important.

This order name follows the pattern of [color] + [charge] found in "Medieval Secular Order Names" by Juliana de Luna (

Azure: The April 2012 Cover Letter states: "[W]e are hereby allowing the use of heraldic color terms in order names as well as the everyday terms." Azure is the heraldic color name for blue.

Heron is found in the OED as N. A large fish-eating wading bird with long legs, a long S-shaped neck, and a long pointed bill. Origin- Middle English: from Old French, or Germanic origin; OED dates the English in this spelling to Chaucer; DMF has this spelling in French from 1392.

heirǒun (n.) Also heiron, -run, hairoun, -rin, -ron, -run, heroun, -rin, -ron, -run, haron & hern(e, (late) hearn.

[ OF hairon, heiron, heron; from Gmc .]

1. (a) The European heron (Ardea cinerea); bevei (sege) of heirounes, a flock of herons; (b) the heron used for food; (c) a piece of wood shaped like a heron; a heraldic representation of a heron; (d) as surname.

A Heron is a period heraldic charge as per the Pictorial Dictionary online by Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme, Batonvert Herald Extraordinary, "Similar to the crane are the "heron", the "stork", the "egret", and the "ibis". The heron is distinguished by the long tuft on its head; it's found in the canting arms of Heron, c.1255 [ANA2 192]. "

13: Lochmere, Barony of - New Badge

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in May of 1989, via Atlantia.

A seeblatt bendwise to sinister azure

This submission is to be associated with Award of Excellence of Lochmere

14: Sithmaith Ballach - New Name

Submitter desires a feminine name.
Sound most important.
Spelling most important.

Client indicates that she is only concerned about the first name; the last can be changed however is needed.

Sithmaith is an Old Irish Gaelic feminine given name found in "Index of Names in Irish Annals" by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan (Kathleen M. O'Brien) ( dated to 771, 773, and 778.

Ballach appears as a byname in "Index of Names in Irish Annals" by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan, at ( It is in Feminine Descriptive Bynames section under SN Bhallach, with a translation given as "[the] freckled"

Submitted as Sithmaith Bhallach, the spelling was changed in Kingdom to reflect the documented form cited. Submitter allows both minor and major changes, and indicated that the byname in particular should be changed as needed.

15: Teresa of Attilium - New Name & New Device

Per fess sable and argent, a basset hound statant and in chief three lillies Or

Submitter desires a feminine name.
Sound most important.

Teresa is documented from FamilySearch; Teresa Gasser, christened 1622, Baden Germany; batch C94253-2.

Attilium, Canton of was registered December 1982 via Atlantia. Submitter would prefer the form von Attilium if it can be supported.

"La Venerie," published 1562 in France show images of short-legged hounds and refers to "les Bassetz." - see p 236

The OED shows the use of the word `basset' in English referring to short-legged dogs in 1600.

16: Tryggvi íkornabana - Resub Name

Language most important.
Culture (Old Norse) most important.
Meaning (squirrel-bane) most important.

Tryggvi: Pg. 15 The Old Norse Name, Geirr Bassi Haraldsson

íkornabana Is a constructed byname based on the pattern of animal name(or animal-based nickname) combined with the suffix -bana, as used on pg. 19 of The Old Norse Name, which gives assabana - eagle-bane.

Building on that, íkornabana would give us squirrel-bane, as íkorni - squirrel. (see attached)

Submission history:

This is a resubmission after the Laurel return of his previous name, Tryggvi eldbrjotr, on the July 2016 LOAR:

"The byname was constructed to mean "fire breaker". All of the examples of X breaker, with the exception of volubrjotr "exorcist", involve tangible things such as fences, horns, graves, and people. Fire is not something that can be broken. Without evidence to show this name is plausible in our period, we cannot register it."

Originally submitted as Tryggvi íkornibana, the spelling of the byname has been adjusted in kingdom

In service,

Beatrice Golden Dolphin

OSCAR counts 3 New Names, 1 New Order Name, 3 New Devices, 2 New Device Changes and 7 New Badges. These 16 items are chargeable, Laurel should receive $64 for them. OSCAR counts 2 Resub Names. These 2 items are not chargeable. There are a total of 18 items submitted on this letter.