Gleann Abhann LoI dated 2017-02-28


Unto All the glorious company of the College of Heralds do I, Дочь боярская Гроза Новгородская of the Ram Kingdom of Gleann Abhann, bring salutations on this glorious almost-summer day in the River Valley Realm!

This item was on the 05-2017 LoAR

1: Balthasar Schabel - New Name & New Device

Per bend sinister bevilled gules and sable, in dexter chief a leopard passant guardant argent spotted sable.

Submitter desires a masculine name.
No major changes.
Language (German) most important.

The source cited for "Balthasar" lists it as a man's name recorded in Middle High German in 1395 and 1560 ( A no-photocopy version of the article is available at (

Balthasar Schmid, male, married 1626, Donzdorf, Württemberg, Germany. Batch no. M95881-1 (
Barbara Schabel, christened 1626, Donzdorf, Württemberg, Germany. Batch no. C95881-1 (

Schabel - submitter wishes to use his mundane name for his SCA last name. A Valid government id was submitted as proof, if these sources are not acceptable.

This item was on the 05-2017 LoAR

2: Jamys Chapman - New Name & New Device

Vert, a pale sable fimbriated, in canton an hourglass Or.

No major changes.

Jamys listed in Karen Larsdatter's Masculine Given Names Found in the 1523 Subsidy Roll for York and Ainsty, England, where 13 instances are reported (
Chapman listed in Karen Larsdatter's Bynames Found in the 1523 Subsidy Roll for York and Ainsty, where 5 instances are reported (
Additional docs- Jamys is found in DMNES, s.n. Jacob, Early Modern English and dated to 1530, 1530/31, 1539.
Chapman: Elnor Chapman burial date 11 Feb 1561, batch B03579-4.

Jamys Chapman, male, christened 1539, Rothwell, York, England. Batch no. P01061-1 (

This item was on the 05-2017 LoAR

3: Sárán mac Sáráin - New Release of Device Change

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in March of 2015, via Gleann Abhann.

Quarterly gules and argent, a fess checky argent and gules.

Old Item: Vert, an escallop inverted ermine., to be released.

With all best wishes and deepest gratitude to those who have commented previously and will continue commenting,

I am -

боярыня Ская

Ruby Herald

Gleann Abhann

OSCAR counts 2 New Names and 2 New Devices. These 4 items are chargeable, Laurel should receive $16 for them. There is 1 release, which does not require payment. There are a total of 5 items submitted on this letter.