Avacal LoI dated 2016-10-31

Greetings unto Laurel, Wreath, Pelican and the College of Arms from Rowyn the Bard, Avacal Submissions Herald. The Avacal College of Heralds would like you to consider the following for registration.

This item was on the 01-2017 LoAR

1: Oengus O Mullaney - New Device

OSCAR finds the name on the Avacal LoI of August 31, 2016 as submitted.

Argent, two bulls heads cabossed gules, within an orle of triskeles vert.

Rowyn the Bard, GdS, JdL
Avacal Submissions Herald
Apprentice to Sina Erdeneva, OL

OSCAR counts 1 New Device. This item is chargeable, Laurel should receive $4 for it. There is only one item submitted on this letter.