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East LoI - 2016-11-30

This item was on the 02-2017 LoAR

3: Andreiko Eferiev - New Device

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in February of 2009, via the East.

Gules, a cloud sable within a bordure Or

This device is being submitted as an IAP for complex sable charges on a gules field surrounded by a high-contrast border in English heraldry.

Sable charges on gules are common: - fol 38V-39R has "Sable, a cross formy gules" - probably not complex enough, but it's a start. This is a 15th Century English manuscript.

DBA I p 132: Gules, a lion Sable, STAUNTON LQ

DBA II p 144: Gules, a two-headed eagle Sable. SESARE, Julius RH 43; Ancestor iii 194.

DBA II p 220: Gules, a bridge of two arches with a turret at each end Sable and in base three roundels 1 and 2 Or. FERREY, Duke of. PCL IV 115

DBA IV, p 110: Gules, 3 garbs sable banded Or. WALDESHEFF, Sr Nichol. CKO 643.

DBA IV p 150: Gules, three bear's heads erased sable. --- PLN 1255.

DBA IV p 157: Gules, three bull's heads cabossed sable armed Or . KYNNYMAN, CC 224b, 83.

DBA IV p 175: Gules, three bugle horns Sable stringed Argent --- FK II 1020. (qtd by Horne) and Gules, three bugle horns leathered Sable. HORNE of Kent, PLN 726 (sic: qtg Gu crusily fitchy a chev betw 3 garbs Arg.)

DBA IV p 175: Gules, 3 bugle horns sable stringed and garnished Or. HUNTETWYOTE SK 951.

Clouds are found in English heraldry:

DBA III p 77: Azure, 3 clouds Purpure radiated in base Or each surmounted with a triple crown Or caps Purpure surmounted with a roundel and cross formy Or. DRAPERS COMPANY of LONDON, 1H7 61.

During Kingdom commentary, one example of black charges on a red field with a high-contrast borudure was found: Sable, three mullets gules, a bordure engrailed Or ( [ ] )

Commenters are asked to help further document this pattern when a high-contrast bordure is present.

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