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Atenveldt LoI - 2015-09-25

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This item was on the 12-2015 LoAR

3: Gilly Wede - New Device

OSCAR finds the name on the Atenveldt LoI of September 25, 2015 as submitted.

Gyronny of eight sable and gules, a gilly flower argent within eight bees in annulo Or.

The justification for using a gyronny of two colors comes from the device submission for Jaquelle d'Artois, Gyronny gules and sable, two sea-horses respectant Or and a sunflower proper., . In the registration, Laurel comments: "This design was well documented as an Individually Attested Pattern in late period English armory. Orle provided evidence of the red and black gyronny with charges, and Non Scripta verified that the seahorses and sunflowers were found in the same jurisdiction."

Gunnvor Silfrahhar (Orle) comments from the 09/2014 LOAR: "I have her (Jaquelle's) IAP stuff here, placing all elements within period English heraldry.

"From my analysis of gyronny ( I have the 1500s Insignia Anglica [BSB Cod.icon. 291], which has three coats with red and black gyronny and charges: ◦Image 1: 35r Bodyam. ◦Image 2: 36r Cobelegh. ◦Image 3: 44v Mathew."".

The bee is a period charge, found in the canting arms of Bestone or Beeston, c.1460 [DBA1 389], according to the Pictorial Dictionary of Heraldry ( The gilly flower is found in the arms of Pace, Bishop of Bangor, d.1533 [Parker 286] (ibid,

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