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East LoI - 2015-09-30

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This item was on the 12-2015 LoAR

26: Robert Langeschwert - New Device

OSCAR finds the name on the East LoI of September 30, 2015 as submitted.

Gules, two bears paws addorsed sable

Bears paws are a charge found in German heraldry. Examples can be found in throughout Johann Siebmacher's Wappenbuch published in 1605. The submitter is using the precise arrangement of charges found in the arms of Von Gleichen ("Argent, two bears paws addorsed sable"), Plate 145 ( The same plate also features the arms of Die Stangen, which use a single bear paw as a charge.

The Individually Attested Pattern of black charges on red fields in German heraldry was previously ruled acceptable in the July 2010 LoAR:

Murienne l'aloiere. Device. Gules, three furisons sable.

The use of complex sable charges on a gules field in German armory, when they are the primary charge group and the sole charges in the device, was more than adequately documented for this submission.

However, just to be complete, the following examples are also taken from Siebmacher:

Von Gaffron ("Gules, in fess two horns sable.") from Plate 52 (

Von Iornitz ("Gules, a mullet of six points between two wings addorsed sable.") from Plate 52 (

Die Aver von Tobel ("Gules, in pale three horns fesswise reversed sable.") from Plate 80 (

Die Holtznowsker ("Gules, a wing sable terminating in a bird's foot Or.") from Plate 76 (

In addition, on side 74r of a manuscript catalogued and digitized by the Bavarian State Library under the name Wappenbuch - BSB Cod.icon. 392 d, which contains the bound manuscript BSB Hss. Cod.icon. 392d, dated to the first half of the sixteenth century and believed to derive from southern Germany, one can find a coat which shows "Gules, three Moor's heads contourny sable, heads bound with scarves argent and a bordure Or." ( [ ] )

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