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Caid LoI - 2015-07-30

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This item was on the 10-2015 LoAR

8: Ocelotl Moteczuma - New Device

OSCAR finds the name on the Caid LoI of July 30, 2015 as submitted.

Or semy of cartouches sable, a fess embowed to base argent fimbriated gules between four crescents one and three azure.

We note that the design of the fess embowed to base and the crescents three and one appear on shields in the Codex Mendoza, a 1542 Aztec document prepared for Charles V. Submitter appears to be trying to represent jaguar fur through the use of cartouches.

Precedent states: This is being returned for breaking our rule of two weirdnessess. The first is the fess embowed to base. While fesses were embowed in period armory, they were always embowed to chief, representing the curvature of the shield. [Daria of Stormhaven, R-Middle, 04/1999]

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