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Trimaris LoI - 2014-06-08

This item was on the 09-2014 LoAR

16: Jacquelle d'Artois - Resub Device

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in January of 2012, via Trimaris

Per gyronny gules and sable, two seahorses respectant Or and in base a sunflower proper.

Submission History:

Her device submitted on the LOI 5/12 via Trimaris Gules, a pegasus between a chief and a base argent, a bordure semy of horseshoes counterchanged. was returned by Laurel on the 8/12 LOAR with the following comment This device is returned for multiple style issues. Firstly, precedent disallows a design with a chief and a base:

Blazoned on the LoI as Argent, a mullet of two interlocking mascles, a chief and a base vert, the use of a chief and a base together is unacceptably poor design... For all these reasons, then - the lack of period support for the motif; the tendency to misemblazon the "fess" too wide, or the "chief" and "base" too narrow; and most of all, the blurring of the distinction between this motif and a charged fess, against the heraldic precepts found in RfS VIII.3 - we affirm that the use of a chief and a base together is, in general, non-period heraldic style, and grounds for return. [Cynwrig de Montain, November 2006, R-Artemisia]

We may reblazon this as Argent, on a fess gules a pegasus argent, but that does not entirely solve the style problem.

Secondly, by longstanding precedent we do not allow complex charges, such as horseshoes, counterchanged over other charges. The tertiary horseshoes here on the bordure are counterchanged over either a chief and a base, or a fess. The use of an uncharged bordure counterchanged over an ordinary is itself a step from period practice.

Changes: Complete re-design of device.

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