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Caid LoI - 2013-09-29

This item was on the 12-2013 LoAR

6: Ariana verch Gwenllian - New Device Change

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in January of 2012, via Caid

Argent, a pile bendwise Or.

Old Item: Per pale argent and azure, in pale three mullets of seven points counterchanged, to be retained as a badge.

This device is being submitted as an Individually Attested Pattern under the guidelines of SENA A.4. The proposed pattern is a metal ordinary on a metal field and has been documented to 16th century Germany with stained glass found in period buildings along with three separate German armorials: Scheibler (1450 - 1540), Sammelung (1530), and Sammelband (1600). As SENA A.4 does not specify a time frame or define a single culture, it is assumed that a 150-year span within one country is sufficient to follow these guidelines given that SENA PN.2.C.2 allows for name elements to be documented within 300/500 years from each other, depending on the configuration.

To show that the proposed IAP is plausible for armory in 16th century Germany, the provided images show the existence of metal ordinaries (both central and peripheral) on metal fields as well as piles issuing from a location other than the chief or base. The images included are a sample of the collected documentation. The full documentation has more examples of bends, bordures, a saltire, a chief, and a chevron plus piles issuing from locations of all combinations of dexter/sinister and chief/base.

Image 1: Stained glass found in Nuremberg, ~1500: Argent, a pile issuant from dexter (chief?) Or.

Image 2: Sammlung, page 448: Argent, a bend Or.

Image 3: Sammlung, page 614: Argent, a fess Or.

Image 4: Sammelband, folio 57r: Azure, a pile bendwise enarched Or.

Image 5: Scheibler, page 464: Sable, a pile bendwise Argent.

The submitted device is "throughout" to reflect the documented piles and diapered to match period depictions.

The above submission has images. To view them, see the URLs below:

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