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East LoI - 2013-04-26

This item was on the 07-2013 LoAR

12: East, Kingdom of the - New Badge

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in January of 1973,

(Fieldless) A demi-tyger rampant azure

This submission is to be associated with Tyger of the East Kingdom, Order of the

Tyger of the East Kingdom, Order of the was registered to the Kingdom of the East in June 1999 (via the East).

Precedent states:

In some cases, we routinely create a new charge out of a portion of a standard heraldic charge without requiring specific documentation for that portion of a charge being used as an independent charge in period. It was a standard period heraldic practice to create demi-beasts and beast's heads from a beast. In keeping with this real-world practice, if a particular beast or monster is a documented heraldic charge, we routinely allow the registration of a demi-beast/monster or a beast's/monster's head as long as the charge's identifiability is preserved. [Odysseus Titinius Maximus, 12/2003, R-Calontir]

This depiction is consistent with the normal heraldic depiction of a demi-lion:

The normal depiction of a demi-lion has the body cut in half with a straight line; the tail is detached from the body. [Christian Robert von Wildhausen, 11/05, A-West]

For conflicts-checking purposes, note that the College has long granted at least a DC between a demi-critter and a full critter of a similar type. See, e.g., LoAR 30 Apr 89, p. 2.

Commenters questioned whether this badge was registerable as fieldless given that the tail was not attached to the body of the tyger. However, we allow disjoint single charges such as ermine spots and crosses of Jerusalem to be registered as fieldless badges. See, e.g., Hans Faust der herlat (4/2003, Ansteorra): (Fieldless) A cross of Jerusalem purpure; Seraphina Sacheverell (5/2002, Caid): (Fieldless) A cross of Jerusalem sable. We therefore see no barrier to registering a demi-tyger in this form as a fieldless badge.

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