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Drachenwald ILoI - 2023-08-10

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2: Juhana Sangi -New Name (NP)

No changes.

Juhana is the submitter's legal given name. Memorantia van de Linde, Schwarzdrachen Principal Herald, and Birittha Wf, Aurochs Herald, attest that they have personally seen the submitter's identification (Finnish driver's license) containing the submitter's full modern name: Juhana is the submitter's legal given name, and the submitter's legal byname is not Sangi. The submitter's legal name (modern name) is on the form and can be seen in the packet.

Sangi is a Finnish byname dated to 1556 and 1562 in Suomalainen paikannimikirja by Sirkka Paikkala (ed.) s.n. Sankivaara: "Oulun seudun Sanki-nimiin sisältynee sukunimi, sillä sieltä on asiakirjoissa muutamia kertoja sukunimeksi merkitty Sanki(nen): Sanginjärveltä kymmenysluetteloissa poual Sangi 1556, pol Sangi 1562 ja Oulunsuusta Matz Sangin 1609." Translation from Finnish to English by Memorantia van de Linde: 'The Oulu area Sanki names likely include a surname, as the documents from the area contain some mentions of the surname Sanki(nen): In Sanginjärvi tithe records <poual Sangi> 1556, <pol Sangi> 1562 and from Oulunsuu <Matz Sangin> 1609.'

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