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Lochac KLoI - 2023-06-25

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9: Violette Livingston -New Device

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Vert, in saltire a threaded needle Or, and a dragonfly Argent, and on a chief Argent, three violets Purpure.

Needle and dragonfly images sourced from the Book of Traceable Heraldic Art.

Design reasoning - I wanted my heraldry to be representitive of me. The violets are representitive of both my name choice, and a favourite flower. The field colour (teal/green) is a favourite colour and the one i most often dye my hair to. The threded needle because I am a seamstress and embroiderer. And the dragonfly is because it is a creature that I have great affinity for as it often shows up when I am happy/good things are happening in my life, and because the nature of a dragonflies movement (erratic, fast, constantly moving back and forth all over the place, doesnt stay in one place long, etc) is very reminiscent of my adhd.

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