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Lochac KLoI - 2023-06-25

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6: Medb ingen Magnusa Ruaidh -New Name (NP)

Submitter desires a feminine name.
The following changes are allowed: spelling, construction of byname
Language/Culture (irish language/culture) most important.

Consulting Herald BrĂ­an dorcha ua Conaill.
Submitter is from Stormhold.

The intention is for my name to mean "Medb daughter of Magnus the Red"

I used the simple patronymic byname pattern for women's names found here:

And the names/bynames found here, using the genitive form of the masculine names instead of the nominative form:

With reference to masculine descriptive bynames (for the "Red" portion of the name) found here:

The consulting herald suggested that the spelling "Medb" instead of "Meadhbh", and "ingen" instead of "inghean" might be more appropriate for earlier period, so I shifted the spelling to reflect this.

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