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Calontir ILoI - 2023-06-09

6: Cordell Powys -New Alternate Name (NP)

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in July of 2021, via Calontir.

Hayashi Wani

Submitter desires a masculine name.
Sound (closest to \'Hayashi\' and \'Wani\') most important.

Hayashi - NCMJ 391. Approved as recently as the February 2020 LOAR "Hayashi Kotori"

Wani - Wani is the name of a "semi-legendary" Japanese scholar, whose biography appears in the Japanese chronicles Nihon Shoki and Kojiki. The Kojiki uses 'Wani' as a given name multiple times. Volume II, CIV: "...daughter of the Grandee Wani-no-Hifure", who reappears in CVI: "he sent as tribute a man named Wani-kishi..." in CX. See an English translation: See also the Aston translation of the Nihongi, Introduction. [ ]

The name construction follows the name patter in NCMJ of myouji + nanori (NCMJ 40).

This name was returned on the July 2021 LOAR:

This name is returned for a lack of documentation. The name pattern X no Y is not applicable to all Japanese names. Only names that the Emperor granted can be considered uji names, and a complete list of them is available in Name Construction in Medieval Japan. Uji names may not be invented without further evidence that such was done in period.

In addition, each of the constructed name phrases combines types of elements that were not combined in period. The uji name Hanashi combines the kun-yomi (Japanese reading) Hana with the on-yomi (Chinese reading) shi while the given name Wani combines the kun-yomi (Japanese reading) Wa with the on-yomi (Chinese reading) ni. Kun-yomi (Japanese reading) and on-yomi (Chinese reading) are different readings of quite literally the same characters and may not be combined in a single name phrase without evidence that this practice was done in period.

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