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Meridies ILoI - 2023-06-04

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3: Helga Knébitr Anasdóttir -New Name (NP)

Submitter desires a gender-neutral name.
No major changes.
Meaning (Middle Name meaning "knee biter") most important.

- Helga is as an extremely common feminine given name, as shown in The Old Norse Name, by Geirr Bassi Haraldsson, extracted from Landnamabok. The surviving versions of Landnamabok date from the second half of the 13th century or a little later, though it has been suggested that it was composed in an early form by Ari Thorgilsson (1068-1148).


- Kné meaning knee, and bita meaning to bite. English - Old Norse Dictionary by Ross G. Arthur. Bit meaning biting, sharp. An Icelandic - English Dictionary by Richard Cleasy and Gudbrand Vigfusson.

- Norse practice of creating nicknames to middle names


- Ana - Feminine given name occurring 20 times in "Spanish Names from the Late 15th Century: Women's Names in Alphabetical Order" by Juliana de Luna.

- Dottir meaning daughter

- Norse practice of last naming, because of my mother's SCA name is Ana De Granada

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