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Lochac KLoI - 2023-04-25

4: Bartholomew Baskin and Katherine Kerr of the Hermitage -New Household Name

OSCAR finds the name (Bartholomew Baskin) registered exactly as it appears in July of 2004, via Lochac.
OSCAR finds the name (Katherine Kerr of the Hermitage) registered exactly as it appears in September of 2006, via Lochac.

Crescent Isles, Company of the

Consulting Herald Olliver Le Floch.
Submitter is from Southron Gaard.

Crescent is an English surname found in 1562-63, per [Oskar of the Wood. Household name Company of Crescent Keep, 3/2019, A-East], which reads:

"Jeanne Marie Noir Licorne found Crescent as a surname in a collection of London marriage licenses from 1562-63. Crescent Keep, therefore, is a plausible constructed 16th century English place name and this household name follows the attested English pattern naming groups of people after places."

Isle/Isles is a generic toponym per [Lileth of Glass Isle, 3/2019 LoAR, A-Atlantia], which reads "Glass Isle is a constructed English place name based on the pattern of surnames combined with generic toponyms; it refers to an island named by a family with the surname Glass."

Crescent Isles would be islands associated with or belonging to the Crescent Family per the patterns found in "Compound Placenames in English" by Juliana de Luna (

Thus, this household name fits the pattern Company of <Placename> exemplified by Cavelieri Lauretani and the Knightly Brotherhood of the Convent of Our Lady at the Sand as found in Medieval Secular Order Names by Juliana de Luna(

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