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Artemisia LoI dated 2023-11-15

Welcome in peace Honored Sovereigns. Welcome in peace members of the College of Arms. Welcome in peace all who read these words from Sneferu Golden Pillar and the Artemisian College of Heralds,

Thanks to the efforts of heralds Morgan Glyndwr, Caointiarn Comhthaistealaí, Tibor Moonbeam, and Gunnvor Orle these submitter's items have passed kingdom scrutiny since Atemisia's last letter (2023-09-14). Please give them your attention.

1: Kare Sviðbalki - New Name (KLoI) (NP)

Sound (/Kar-uh/ or /KEHR-uh/) most important.

Kare- Nominative Feminine of Kari, circa 927 CE as per "Nordiskt runnamnslexikon (The Dictionary of Norse Runic Names)" by Lena Peterson, English Translation by C.L. Ward. p.62 Kari (Masculine name) From the OW. Norse adjective *karr Nominitive kare So298

Sviðbalki- def. "Trouble-maker" as a byname based on mental or behavioral characteristics, circa 1000 CE. Found in "The Bynames of the Viking Age Runic Inscriptions," by Lindoem Eriksson (Christer Romson, [email protected]) (nom)

Consulting herald Morgan Glyndwr

During kingdom commentary, Orle recommended a change to Kari sviðbálki; citing Paul Peterson's Old Norse Nicknames for the byname change and the Dec 2010 CL for the given name change. [ ] The submitter was contacted for permission to make these changes. No reply has been received.

2: Keely Cragsdaughter - New Badge (KLoI)

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in September of 2022, via Artemisia.

Argent, a sheaf of arrows sable between flaunches azure

Consulting herald Caointiarn Comhthaistealaí

Health to each of you,

Sneferu ex Artemisias (they/them)
Golden Pillar Herald
Kingdom of Artemisia

Standard disclaimer: So far as I know, this letter accurately reflects the contents of the various submission forms and accompanying documents, including, but not limted to, consent to changes, expressed preferences, requests for authenticity, and formation of holding names.

OSCAR counts 1 New Name and 1 New Badge. These 2 items are chargeable, Laurel should receive $8 for them. There are a total of 2 items submitted on this letter.

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