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Meridies ILoI dated 2023-09-07

I, THL Kurt Bogner, Cypher Herald for the Kingdom of Meridies, send greetings unto Baronesa Sara al-Garnatiyya, Beacon Herald; THL Soo Yun, Pennon Herald; and the commenting heralds of the Meridies Internal Letter of Intent Commentary list.

It is the intent of the Meridian College of Heralds to submit the following names and armory as part of the next external Letter of Intent published by the Pennon Herald.

The pleasure of your response to Pennon is requested no later than the 21 of this month. A decision meeting is tentatively set for the fourth Tuesday of each month. Any changes will be announced through all proper channels.

1: Artemíkleia of South Downs -New Name (NP)

Submitter desires a feminine name.
The following changes are allowed: Changing/Removing the accent
Language/Culture (Greek) most important.
Spelling most important.

Name found through LGPN (Lexicon of Greek Personal Names) and is cited three times, ranging between ii BCE and iii CE ( [ ] ). It is composed of the prefix "Artemi," referring to the goddess Artemis, and " kleia," meaning glory and fame. It is a feminine name, with this particular spelling originating in Macedonia in ancient Greece. The name is originally in Greek ('A ), but is Latinized to Artemíkleia. Thank you!

2: Refr Silfrhǫndr -New Name (NP) & New Device

Per chevron gules and sable, two foxes in chevron respectant courant and a dexter hand argent.

The following changes are allowed: Slight changes to spelling but no major changes
Language/Culture (old norse language and deprecating byname tradition) most important.
Meaning most important.

The Old Norse Name; Geirr-Bassi Haraldsson; P. 14; s. n. Given Names; gives Refr as a masculine given name

Silfrhond / Silfrh<o, }nd (Constructed byname meaning "Silverhand")

The Old Norse Name; Geirr-Bassi Haraldsson; P.27; s.n. Given Names; gives silfri as meaning 'silver'

The Old Norse Name; Geirr-Bassi Haralsson; P.24; s.n. Nicknames ; has inn krepphendi (cripple-handed) and P.21 inn einhendi (one-handed),

Other Similar nicknames given in the same source with a color+ body part construction are hvitbeinn (white leg), raudkinnr (red cheek), blákinn (swarthy cheek), and gullbrá (golden brow).

The English-Old Norse Dictionary at

gives silver as silfr

gives hand as hand / hǫnd

3: Refr Silfrhǫndr -New Badge

OSCAR is unable to find the name, either registered or submitted.

(Fieldless) A dexter hand argent charged with a fox's mask gules.

4: Sara al-Garnatiyya -New Household Name

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in November of 2016, via Meridies.

Crescent Lake Castle

Submitter desires a gender-neutral name.
The following changes are allowed: Minor Spelling Changes
Meaning (Meaning Castle of Crescent Lake) most important.

In Alys's Simple Guide to Household Names (, "Castle" is indicated as a household designator. A Household name based on the pattern "Placename + Hall/Manor/Castle" are very common:

"In English, households, inns, taverns or halls named after places are incredibly common. The pattern placename + house/hall is well established. For example, the Middle English Dictionary gives examples of the Howse of Oseney (c.1460), Nottingeham castell (1152), and Fysshewykeshostell (1476), all of which are based on place names."

Juliana de Luna's article on Compound Place names ( gives significant evidence for the name pattern "Family Name + Generic Toponym":

"Pattern Three: Placename or family name followed by generic toponymic

The pattern of creating a placename by combining a family name or existing placename with a generic toponym (a type of place, like a meadow or forest) has been well documented. There are two precedents regarding this; one from 7/03 gives evidence for family names in unmodified form:

No evidence was provided to support adding Sands to the end of an existing placename. However, there is a pattern in English, during the late Middle Ages and Renaissance, of placenames formed by appending a toponymic to a surname. Siren found some examples of this type of placename in A. D. Mills, Oxford Dictionary of London Place Names, including: Aldborough Hacche c. 1490 (s.n. Aldborough Hatch), Culling Deepe 1584 (s.n. Colindale), Coanie hatch 1593 (s.n. Colney Hatch), Fygmershe c. 1530 (s.n. Figge's Marsh), Gallion Reache 1588 (s.n. Gallions Reach), and Gallion Nesse 1588 (s.n. Gallions Reach).

And one from 5/04 gives evidence of the same pattern with the family name in the possessive form:

However, Mills does have some examples of "family name+topographic", including s.n. Towersey, Turrisey, "of the Tower family, Towers' eg" 1240; s.n. Tey, Great, Merkys Tey, "Tege of the de Merck family" 1475; s.n. Leigh Bessilles Lee, "Leigh of the Bessil family" 1539."

Crescent is a family name found in a collection of London marriage licenses from 1562-63 (see attached images). Lake is a generic topographic feature that is first seen in the 13th century (

Thus, Crescent Lake is a constructed placename following documented patterns and Crescent Lake Castle follows documented household name patterns.

The above submission has images. To view them, see the URLs below:

5: Sefa Randsdottir -New Device Change

OSCAR thinks the name is registered as Sefa Randsdóttir in September of 2022, via Meridies.

Per chevron wavy gules and chevronelly wavy argent and azure, two wrens argent.

Old Item: Per chevron azure and gules, a chevron wavy between two wrens and a goat passant argent., to be retained as a badge.

6: South Reach, Canton of -Resub Device

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in September of 2019, via Meridies.

Azure, a broken sword bendwise Or and a chief dovetailed argent, overall a laurel wreath Or.

Petition of support included.

Previous submission, Azure, a skeletal hand bendwise sinister argent maintaining a broken sword inverted by the blade within a wreath of laurels Or, a chief dovetailed argent, was returned from Laurel Sept. 2019:

This device is returned for lack of documentation for the skeletal hand. While human skulls are readily identifiable, and full skeletons or even demi-skeletons are likewise recognizable by the sum of their parts, and while a single femur is identifiable as a bone, other body parts are more difficult to identify. When grasped around the blade of a broken sword, the shape of the hand becomes almost entirely obscured.

The above submission has images. To view them, see the URLs below:

In Service,

THL Kurt Bogner

[email protected]

OSCAR counts 2 Names, 1 Household Name, 2 Devices, 1 Device Change and 1 Badge. There are a total of 7 items submitted on this letter.

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