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Atlantia LoP dated 2017-12-12

Unto Cian Triton, Beatrice Golden Dolphin, and the Atlantian College of Heralds does Catherine Ibis send warm greetings! This mini-letter contains several submissions from October and November that were mistakenly overlooked. Commentary for this letter will close January 10th, 2018.

1: Aban ibn Khalid -New Name

Submitter desires a masculine name.
Sound (Aban ibn Khalid) most important.

All elements documented from Appleton's "PERIOD ARABIC NAMES AND NAMING PRACTICES" at

Aban and Khalid both appear in the list of masculine isms.

The pattern of the name follows that of ism son of ism [one generation nasab], illustrated by Yusuf ibn Ayyub.

Consulting Herald: Alisoun MacCoul of Elphane

2: Gavin Reynes -New Heraldic Will

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in December of 1980, via the East.

"I, <modern name redacted>, known in the Society for Creative Anachronism, Incorporated (SCA) as Gavin Reynes, leave to the Barony of Nottinghill Coill my name registered in the SCA: "Gavin Reynes" and give them permission to use the name elements in award or order names."

Document is dated November 12, 2017, and signed with submitter's mundane name.

Consulting Herald: Etienne Sea Stag

3: Runa Ravenstrom -New Name

Submitter desires a feminine name.
No major changes.

Rúna appears on runestone U687 where for instance has:

Raven: Danmarks Stednavne has: sn. Ny Ravnekær (it glosses "kær" as a shallow, swampy lake, so this would be "Raven-lake").
1512 Raffneker, 1529 (1576-78) Rafnkiær

Sn. Nørre Ravnsbæk (this is "Raven's-brook")
1620 Raffnsbeck, 1642 Raffnsbeck

Ravnbjerg (Raven-mountain)
1560 (1584) Raffnbierg

Ravnby (raven-settlement/city)
1546 Ravenby Mark

Ravnholt (raven-copse)
1545 rauffenholt, 1573 Rafuenholt, 1599 Rauenholt

Strom: sn. Møllestrøm: 1473 "oppe deme molenstrom" (up by the mill-stream)
sn Øle Å: 1588 Ollestrom (beer-stream)
"Norske Gaardnavne"
has: ( 38737=on&KRYSS172704%4038736=on) sn. B. 11, s.208, 12. Sørstrømmen.
i Strøme NRJ.
pa Strøme NRJ.
Sørstrom 1610.
(NRJ is "Biskop Eysteins jordebok" circa 1390)
ie. "South-stream"

B. 11, s.208, 14. NordstrØmmen: Nordstrom 1610, ie. "north-stream".
So we can show "-strom" shows up in placenames. It's dated "V Pr4" which is to say c. 1060-1100.

Consulting Herald: Seraphina Delphino Ragged Staff

4: Yvonne Mont Clair -New Name

Submitter desires a feminine name.
Sound (E-von Mont-clare) most important.

Yvonne appears as a feminine name dated to 1562 in Poussin's "Names from the Rôle des taxes de l'arrière-ban du Bailliage d'Evreux, in 1562" (

Submitter would prefer the byname to be Montclair (one word) if it can be documented.

Richard Mont married on 27 September, 1596, at Niton in Hampshire (Batch #: M166611)

Izabellam Mont married on 20 November 1559 at Hanley Castle in Worcestershire (Batch #: M042161)

Edmond Mont christened on 4 June, 1592, at Sandridge in Hertfordshire (Batch #: C157451)

Jonas Claire buried on 1 August, 1642, at Stepney, Middlesex (Batch #: B028576)

Elizabeath Claire christened on 21 April, 1633, at Bourne in Lincolnshire (Batch #: C021109)

Ann Claire christened on 3 May, 1629, at Willingale Doe in Essex (C058661)

Consulting Herald: Alisoun MacCoul of Elphane

Yours in Service,

Catherine Ibis

OSCAR counts 3 Names and 1 Heraldic Will. There are a total of 4 items submitted on this letter.

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