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Laurel LoPaD dated 2017-03-29

This letter contains the issues raised in the January 2017 LoAR for CoA discussion. The text in this letter is copied verbatim from that LoAR; it is provided here for convenience. As with a March LoI, these matters are currently scheduled for the Pelican and Wreath meetings in June 2017. Original commentary, responses, and rebuttals to commentary must be entered into OSCAR no later than Wednesday, May 31, 2017.

This item was on the 06-2017 LoAR

1: Insula Draconis, Principality of - New Order Name

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in June of 2004, via Drachenwald.

Order of Luna

No major changes.
Sound most important.

After the close of commentary, a question was raised whether this order name conflicts with Lunar Pursuivant, a heraldic title registered to the Middle Kingdom. This name has been pended for commentary on this issue.

This was item 10 on the Drachenwald letter of October 31, 2016. (

Pray know that I remain,

In service,

Andrewe Bawldwyn
Laurel Principal King of Arms

OSCAR counts 1 Order Name. There are a total of 1 items submitted on this letter.

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