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Northshield LoI dated 2017-01-31

Greetings unto Andrewe Laurel, Alys Pellicane, Brunissende Wreath, and the various members of the College of Arms, greetings from Merideth NiShionniach, Polaris Herald of Northshield, and her deputy Mira Fastova, Keythong Herald of Northshield.

What follows is January 2017 Letter of Intent for the Kingdom of Northshield.

We would like to thank all of the heralds, from within Kingdom and without, who contributed comments on OSCAR for the Northshield December Internal Letter of Intent.

1: Asný Hálfdanardóttir - New Device

OSCAR finds the name on the Northshield LoI of November 30, 2016 as submitted.

Argent, on a heart purpure a triquetra argent

Submission History: Previous submission of a badge '(Fieldless) On a heart purpure, a valknut argent' was withdrawn from the October 2016 Northshield kingdom letter because the submitter wished to change the secondary charge from a valknut to a triquetra. Submitter also learned that hearts, per Dec 2013 precedent, may not be registered as charged fieldless badges, as they are considered mediums of heraldic display. Clever submitter. (

2: Caiterina Morgaine - New Name

No major changes.
Language most important.
Spelling ('Cait' and 'Morgaine') most important.

Kingdom Commentary Notes: It was remarked in kingdom commentary that OSCAR's suggestion of a conflict with <Catriona Morgan> (2/2012) might be accurate. In reviewing SENA PN.3.C.1 Changes to Two Syllables, we see a given name that has a difference of three syllables in pronunciation from the suggested conflict. In that light, this does not appear to represent a conflict. (

Caiterina - 'Index of Names in Irish Annals: Caitríona' by Mari Elspeth nic Bryan ( and OCM p. 45 s.n. Caiterína

Morgaine - 'Surnames in Durham and Northumberland, 1521-1615' by Julie Kahan (

Morgaine GAI 1608

SENA Appendix A allows Gaelic names to drop accents if done throughout the name. Appendix C allows mixing Gaelic and English/Welsh 1100-1600.

3: Ciana Scolari de Polcenigo - New Name & New Device

Azure, an elephant rampant maintaining in its trunk a goblet argent

Submitter desires a feminine name.
Language (Northern Italian 1200-1400 CE) most important.
Culture (Northern Italian 1200-1400 CE) most important.

Ciana is found in 'Feminine Given Names from the Online Catasto of Florence of 1427' by Arval Benicoeur (

Scolari is found in 'Family Names Appearing in the Catasto of 1427' (

Polcenigo is an Italian city found on a map dated to 1620 at Old Maps Online ( See Image #1, below.

ALSO: Dizionario di toponomastica. Storia e significato dei nomi geografici italiani. (Dictionary of place names. History and meaning of the Italian geographical names) UTET Libreria, p. 594, s.n. Polcenigo, "Il toponimo è attestato nell'a. 930 'castello de Paucinico', a. 1012 'de Paucenico', a. 1204 'Warnerius de Pulcinico', ecc. È una formazione prediale col suffiso -īcus dal personale latino Pulcinius o da una forma Paucinius, presupposta dalle attestazioni antiche." A translation, "The name is attested in the year 930 'castle of Paucinico', year 1012 'of Paucenico', year 1204 'Warnerius de Pulcinico', etc. It is a farming formation with the suffix -īcus from the personal latin Pulcinius or of the form Paucinius, presupposed by the old attestations." Thanks to Maridonna Benvenuti for this source.

The above submission has images. To view them, see the URLs below:

4: Clydwyn Gwehydd - Resub Device

OSCAR finds the name on the Northshield LoI of June 29, 2016 as submitted.

Argent, two bendlets engrailed sable

Submission History: Previous submission 'Argent, on a bend engrailed sable a sword argent' was returned on the September 2016 LOAR, via Northshield, for conflicting with Kriemhilt von Ebersberg: Argent, a bend fusilly sable. (

5: Eva of Greenfield - New Badge Change

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in January of 2008, via Northshield.

(Fieldless) A cat courant Or maintaining on its back a grenade fesswise reversed sable enflamed proper

Old Item: Vert, a cat courant Or maintaining on its back a grenade fesswise reversed sable enflamed proper and a chief embattled argent., to be released.

Kingdom Commentary Note: It was noted that the grenade is not strapped to the back of the cat in this badge and questioned whether this is an issue. The badge that this is replacing features a cat maintaining a grenade on its back without a strap as well. ( The submitter, a scribal Laurel, is quite fond of Rocket Cats.

6: Falcons Keep, Shire of - New Household Name & New Badge

OSCAR is unable to find the name, either registered or submitted.

House of Falcon Gate

Purpure, a talbot Or and a chief embattled argent

No major changes.
Sound most important.

Submission History: The previous submission <House of Falcon's Gate> was returned due to improper construction of the substantive elements. (

Household name for Shire of Falcon's Keep student group following the pattern of household designator + placename.

Designator - <House>

Substantive - <Falcon Gate> is a constructed place name (surname + toponymic) using the following elements:

Surname <Falcon> as identified in Family Search Georg Falcon, Male, Date Feb 1578, Essex,England, Batch M13795-3 ( : 10 December 2014)

Toponymic <Gate> is found in Eckwall, 4th ed, p 193, s.n. "ON OSw gata 'a road', ME gate" and Eckwall, p 54, s.n. Botcherby "In Bothchergate -gate is ON gata 'road, street'."

Kingdom Commentary Notes:

Evidence for House of Location

A Brief, Incomplete, and Rather Stopgap Article about European Household and Other Group Names Before 1600: England - Manors by Sharon L. Krossa

( has:

1423: "...the maner of Sutton."

(1448): "... the seid maner of Tymberlacke."

(c1465): "...the manor of Estchaldefeld."

(1470): "The manere of Tileshide...."

Alternative documentation for Falcon Gate:

The Falcon is also an inn "of great importance prior to and during the 16th century," the Falcon gate was a named gate leading to the inn.

The History and Antiquities of Boston: And the Villages of Skirbeck, Fishtoft, Freiston, Butterwick, Benington, Leverton, Leake, and Wrangle; Comprising the Hundred of Skirbeck, in the County of Lincoln Pishey Thompson Longman, 1856 - Boston (England) ( f=false) See Images below.

The above submission has images. To view them, see the URLs below:

7: Helgulfr Arngeirsson - New Device

OSCAR finds the name on the Northshield LoI of December 27, 2016 as submitted.

Argent, a gurges sable, overall a wolf passant reguardant gules

Submission History: This device was originally submitted as 'Sable, a gurges argent overall a wolf passant reguardant gules' on the Northshield kingdom November 2016 LoI, and was returned for redrawing due to contrast issues. (

8: Iomhar de Brus - New Name

Submitter desires a masculine name.
No major changes.
Sound most important.

Iomhar is masculine given name dated to 1501-1600 found in 'Scottish Gaelic Given Names: For Men' by Sharon Krossa (

de Brus is a byname found in RW, p 69, s.n. Bruce

'Richard <de Brus> 1274-5'

This name mixes name phrases from two regional naming groups that are listed in SENA Appendix C as able to be combined and those name phrases are dated to within 300 years of one another.

Per SENA the accent on Iomhar may be dropped as long as the accents on the rest of the name are dropped.

9: Rachell de Kilburn - New Name

Submitter desires a feminine name.
No major changes.
Sound most important.

Rachell - Early Modern English feminine given name dated to 1558-1588 in DMES by Sarah Uckelman (

de Kilburn - <de Kylburn> and <de Kilburn> (both dated 1600) are both found on pp 1 & 2 of "The registers of the parish church of Kilburn, Co. York, 1600-1812" by Kilburn (Yorkshire: Parish); Lumb, George Denison, Published 1918 (

10: Vikarr Thjodreksson - New Name & New Device

Per saltire sable and purpure, a raven volant and a serpent nowed argent

Submitter desires a masculine name.
Language (Norse) most important.

Submission History: This name was submitted as <Vikaar Thjodreksson> on the August 2016 Northshield kingdom letter. It was returned due to inability to contact submitter about a change in the submitted given name. Contact has been re-initiated by submitter, changes have been verified, and submission continues. (

Vikarr - masculine given name found in GB, p. 16

Thjodreksson - <Thorbjorn Thjodreksson> found in The Book of Settlements: Landnámabók ed. by Herman Palsson, p 68 ( #v=onepage&q=Thjodreksson&f=false)

Kingdom Commentary Notes: In kingdom commentary it was noted that there are numerous alternative spellings of the byname, including Þjóðreksson, Thjothreksson, Þiodreksson, or Thiodreksson.

Submission History: Previous submission 'Per saltire sable and purpure, a raven volant and a Norse serpent nowed argent,' was returned on the August 2016 Northshield kingdom letter due to inclusion of a non-registerable zoomorphic beast. (

In service to the Society, Northshield & the College of Arms

Honourable Lady Merideth NiShionniach

Mistress Mira Fastova

OSCAR counts 5 New Names, 1 New Household Name, 4 New Devices, 1 New Badge and 1 New Badge Change. These 12 items are chargeable, Laurel should receive $48 for them. OSCAR counts 1 Resub Device. This item is not chargeable. There are a total of 13 items submitted on this letter.

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