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Ealdormere LoI dated 2016-10-26

Unto Andrewe Laurel, Lillia Pellycan, Brunissende Wreath, and the rest of the College of Arms does Nicolaa de Bracton, outgoing Green Mantle Herald and Rylyn Buchanan, incoming Green Mantle Herlad, send greetings.

It is the intent of the College of Heralds of the Kingdom of Ealdormere that the following submissions be registered.

This item was on the 01-2017 LoAR

1: Estienne de Nantes - New Device

OSCAR finds the name registered exactly as it appears in September of 2000, via Ealdormere.

Per pale sable and argent, a saltire erminois

Redrawn at kingdom to resolve issues with the size of the ermine spots and to make the width of the saltire consistent. Client has approved.

This item was on the 01-2017 LoAR

2: Fáelán Ruadh ua Aodha - New Device

OSCAR is unable to find the name, either registered or submitted.

Argent, a wolf passant to sinister, interlaced within three trees blasted and eradicated sable

OSCAR does not seem to want to recognize the name, registered in December 2015 via Ealdormere.

Client wishes to register an Individually Attested Pattern. Documentation for this pattern is supplied. Commentary at Kingdom indicated that this version (where the beast is behind only one tree) was better supported than a version where the beast was behind all three (which seems to be possible with a barry treatment, but not with trees). There were also identifiability issues with the latter.

Historical References for Individually Attested Pattern

Johann Siebmachers Wappenbuch pg224 WOLFHAGEN


Johann Siebmachers Wappenbuch pg58 VOM BVSCH


Armorial of the Holy Roman Empire pg481 Year 1554-1568

Source: fsdryztseayawyztsewqeayaewqw&no=16&seite=563

The above submission has images. To view them, see the URLs below:

This item was on the 01-2017 LoAR

3: Helena Katerina Roero - New Name Change & New Device Change

OSCAR NOTE: the old name was registered in August of 2011, via Ealdormere.

Argent, a winged domestic cat sejant sable maintaing a Catherine wheel gules, a trimount vert issuant from base

Old Item: Caterucia Mountague, to be released.
Old Item: Vert, on a fess between three roses argent seeded Or and a needle bendwise argent threaded Or a domestic cat couchant sable, to be released.

Helena Katerina

Both "Helena" and "Caterina" appear in a number of entries in the Academy of St. Gabiriel lists , The last of these also gives an instance of a double name. .

Arval Benicoeur and Talan Gwynek, Fourteenth Century Venetian Personal Names, on thewebsite of The Academy of Saint Gabriel,

Arval Benicoeur and Talan Gwynek's, Fourteenth Century Venetian Personal Names from The Academy of Saint Gabriel

Client prefers the spelling "Katerina" (which she sees more likely for an Italian woman living in England), which is documentable as a French name:

Song Zidie (Skraeling Althing) at 2016-09-29 13:46:53

English and Italian are not mixable, no matter what persona story someone can come up with. I can't find <Katerina> in Italian (not surprising, since the letter "K" doesn't exist in its alphabet), but I can find it in French, which can be mixed with Italian as per SENA Appendix C:

<Katerina> found once in 1339-1340, Names from 14th C Périgueux by Sara L. Uckelman (

(Helena and Caterina + double name)

(Helena and Caterina)

(Helena and Caterina)Arival Benicoeur and Talan Gwynek, Fourteenth Century Venetian Personal Names, on the website of The Academy of Saint Gabriel,


originally submitted as del Roero, A place name meaning "from the Roero", a wine growing region of Piedmont, northern Italy. Per the Wikipedia article, the name was originally a family name.

Commentary indicated that there was better support for the name in period as a surname:

Maridonna Benvenuti at 2016-10-22 07:51:54

Roero (or Rovero or Rotari) is found in Di Crollalanza's " Dizionario storico-blasonico delle famiglie nobili e notabili italiane estinte e fiorenti", Dictionary of histories and blazons of the noble Italian families flourishing and extinct. Vol. 2 L-S, pp. 433-434, url

The family was from Asti. The "di Asti" is not part of the name. See image. From Tommaso, powerful leader of the Ghibellines in Asti in 1160, descended all the Roero. Mansino governor of Asti in 1532...

Client is willing to accept this as a surname if it cannot be documented as a placename. Client is also good with any pronouns (such as del, de, di, or da) needed to make the name gramatically correct.

This item was on the 01-2017 LoAR

4: Martin Bildner - Resub Badge

OSCAR finds the name on the Ealdormere LoI of February 25, 2016 as submitted.

Gules, three krumhorns fretted between three trilliums argent

Previous submission, Gules, in pall three krummhorns overlapped at the bells between three trilliums argent, was returned on the May 2016 LoAR:

This badge is returned for not being reliably blazonable, which is a violation of SENA A1C which requires an emblazon to be describable in heraldic terms. Blazoned in the Letter of Intent as crumhorns intertwined at the base, there is no heraldic way of describing the precise arrangement of the krummhorns. They cannot be described as a triskelion of krummhorns, because by definition, the limbs of a triskelion are bent or embowed; these are straight. It is not three krummhorns fretted in triangle, as we see for fish: in addition to not forming a triangle, they are not actually fretted.

There is a step from period practice for the use of New World trilliums.

This is a redraw and reblazon to address the issues in the original. The trilliums remain a SFPP.

Note that client's name is registered. OSCAR is not picking it up.

This item was on the 01-2017 LoAR

5: Meleshka Vidarovaia - New Name & New Device

Or, a bear rampant vert maintaining in its top paw a butterfly azure

Submitter desires a feminine name.
No major changes.
Sound (Meleshka or something similar for personal name; wife of Víðarr) most important.
Meaning (Meleshka or something similar for personal name; wife of Víðarr) most important.

Reworking of submission on last month's ILoI based on commentary.

Meleshka - plausible feminine diminutive of plausible feminine form of saint's name Melentii ("care" )

● Meleshka Mikiforov syn Kortev 1594, dim. masc. given name, Wickenden, s.n. Melentii.

● Melentii is St. Mele tii per A Russian Church Slavonic Kanonnik (1331 1332) by A.H. van den Baar, known in the west as St. Meletius of Antioch, d. 381

( of-antioch ), so his name would have entered the Rus naming pool with their conversion to Christianity (officially 10th c.) even though the earliest forms in Wickenden date to the 1400s.

● Melentiia is a plausible feminine version of Melentii, eg. Afanasii/Afanasiia, Evpatii/Evpatiia, Feodosii/Feodosiia, Ilarii/Ilariia, etc. all from Wickenden's 3rd Edition -

● Meleshka is a plausible period feminine diminutive of Melentiia/Melentiia because:

o the -a ending makes it grammatically feminine,

o other period Russian feminine names end in -shka: Kashka 825, s.n. Kasha; Lishka 1437, s.n. Liska;

Teshka 850; Zbyshka 1134, s.n. Zbiska (all Wickenden).

o Meleshka/Melishka survives as a modern Russian feminine name:

o Мелешка Халилова (Meleshka Khalilova) -

o Мелишка Савелева (Melishka Savelyeva) -

o Мелишка Зеленько (Melishka Zelen'ko) -

o Мелишка Томлинсон (Melishka Tomlinson) -

Vidarovaia - feminine patronymic of plausible Russified Norse name Víðarr.

● Víðarr - 1068-1148, Geir-Bassi

● Vidararia - standard feminine patronymic of plausible Russianized form of Víðarr based on Norse names from 10th century Rus treaties:

and 944/945%20Treaty (which shows Russian-style patronymics formed from Norse names)

o Vithfastr & Vifastr & Vigfastr, -> Vuefast (so v ->v)

o Sigbiorn -> Shikhbern?, Libbi & Lik(n)biorn, - Libiar (so i -> i)

o Guthi, - Gudov (so th -> d)

o Kari, - Kary (so r -> r)

o Grimr, - Grim ( and Russian doesn't do double letters, so drop the final r)

This leaves us with Vidar, to which we add the -aia possessive feminine suffix, as described in Paul Goldschmidt's Dictionary of Russian Names - Grammar, under "Descriptive and Possessive bynames", as found at

Name was corrected in Kingdom commentary to the more likely Vidarovaia and confirmed by the client:

Song Zidie (Skraeling Althing) at 2016-09-29 14:19:56

It's tenuous, but if a transcribed name is treated as a name in that native language, then that could work. Otherwise, there is still too much of a gap.

As for the -skaia/-aia ending, Wickenden says that this is formed by taking the patronymic form of a name, and then adding the ending, giving the example "Tret'iakovskaia zhena Sapozhnika", which is "Tret'iak's wife Sapozhnika", and some others which all have some sort of relationship designator in it. If we accept that "Vidar" is the Russanised form (which seems reasonable), then the whole name should be something like "Meleshka Vidarovskaia/Vidarovaia/Vidarevskaia/Vidarevaia zhena".

ffride wlffsdotter at 2016-09-30 18:29:21

Agree with Zidie -- the -aia ending comes after an -ov-.

So, assuming a transcribed name is treated as Russian, you'd expect to see Vidarovaia.

(Vidar -> Vidarov because r is a hard consonant.)

Dietrich von Sachsen at 2016-10-01 22:03:52

The inclusion of the "-ov" wasn't terribly clear to me or the client when we redid it. I've spoken with her, and she's said she's alright with Vidarovaia.

No changes to last month's item - resubbed only because associated name was resubmitted.

This item was on the 01-2017 LoAR

6: Meredyth Llwellyn - Resub Name & Resub Device

Per fess argent and vert, three thistles in fess proper and a rose argent

Submitter desires a feminine name.

Client's previously-submitted name, Meredyth of York (July Ealdormere LoI), has been withdrawn by the client. She wishes to register a device involving white roses, and the association with York makes that impossible. York was actually selected fairly randomly, and she has approved this change.


"England Births and Christenings, 1538-1975," database, FamilySearch ( : accessed 10 June 2016), Meredyth Arrowsmyth, 18 Jan 1589; citing , reference ; FHL microfilm 380,154, batch C02242-2

Llwellyn is a grey-period surname:

Name: Richard Llwellyn

Gender: Male

Christening Date: 27 Nov 1642


"England Births and Christenings, 1538-1975," database, FamilySearch ( : 30 December 2014), Richard Llwellyn, 27 Nov 1642; citing ROCHDALE,LANCASHIRE,ENGLAND, reference ; FHL microfilm 990,051, 599,772, batch P00582-1

Device was recoloured at kingdom to make the thistles properly proper (not all purple). Client has approved.

This item was on the 01-2017 LoAR

7: Michael Corviser - New Name

Submitter desires a masculine name.
No changes.

Michael: <Michael> is found 19 times in "Late Sixteenth Century English Given Names" by by Talan Gwynek (Brian M. Scott), at

Corviser: Richard <Corviser>; male; christening 12 Dec 1633; SAINT MARY

Commentary is due by November 25. Note that we will hold our commentary meeting via Google Hangouts on November 21 at 7:30 pm. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Rylyn Green Mantle

OSCAR counts 2 New Names, 1 New Name Change, 3 New Devices and 1 New Device Change. These 7 items are chargeable, Laurel should receive $28 for them. OSCAR counts 1 Resub Name, 1 Resub Device and 1 Resub Badge. These 3 items are not chargeable. There are a total of 10 items submitted on this letter.

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